About Me

Devout Christian– as defined by The Book.

Wife– Most blessedly and joyfully in love with a man who literally invades my dreams.

Mother– Flailing and stumbling, but three of the five seem to have thrived despite my ineptitude. Verdict’s still out on the last two.

Black– I popped out this color.

blue dress

Homeschool educator– ’cause we can’t afford private and we refuse to use the cesspool that is public. *Updated to add: We are part-time schoolers as of fall 2017, but still mostly homeschoolers.

Avid reader– What’s life without books?

What I’m doing here:

I forgot to update this page, as I have completely changed course and focus from when I started. There is really one point here: To log and catalog lessons I want my girls to learn and internalize and which might be helpful to other young women.

This is not my daddy’s culture or era He was born before there was even such a thing as television and grew up without plumbing.Now we have smart devices putting the world at our fingertips and tempting us to all kinds of avarice and mischief. And so this site.


The transcendent, old virtues never change of course. But how to navigate them in this crazy world -short of all believers turning Luddite- requires a road map. There aren’t very many that I’d fancy my girls reading, so I am making one here.

Yes, my girls read this blog.