About Me.

Devout Christian– as defined by The Book.

Wife– Most blessedly and joyfully in love with a man who literally invades my dreams.

Mother– Flailing and stumbling, but three of the five seem to have thrived despite my ineptitude. Verdict’s still out on the last two.

Black– I popped out this color.

Homeschool educator– ’cause we can’t afford private and we refuse to use the cesspool that is public

Avid reader– What’s life without books?

What I’m doing here

It occurred to me recently that life is chock full opportunities to think, laugh, smile, and give. We often forget that because a culture built on consumerism cannot exist with a populace which is content with its lot in life. It cannot sustain itself if people are happy and able to appreciate those things which money cannot buy. To that end, I have decided that every day which affords me the time and opportunity, I’m going to offer a tidbit; something I saw, read, heard, or encountered that gave me an opportunity to NOT be bored. NOT be discontented. NOT be stagnant. NOT be lazy.

The difference here is that I’m not attempting to journal things I am grateful for, although I have no doubt those type posts will come up from time to time. I’m not about syrupy platitudes or avoiding things that provoke thought. True thinking is, after all, one of the least boring things we can do. Not all thoughts make us feel good. Some thoughts cause us angst and mourning. The trick is for us to allow those to spur us to action.

This blog is Christian to the extent that everything I post and think should be understood as filtered through the lens of the person described by the six descriptors listed above.

Come…think with me.