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When uncertainty is a virtue.

Excerpt from No One Really Minds When You Criticize Others by Joshua Gibbs at Circe Institue:

However, the man who criticizes himself makes us quite nervous. St. Francis of Assisi and Simeon Stylites were perhaps the greatest self-critics who ever lived, and they are commonly accused of being mad. The man who willingly risks blindness, frostbite, and death to climb the Matterhorn is a brave hero, but the man who risks blindness to climb Mt Purgatory is delusional. We are content that a man should risk life and limb for earthly glory, but the man who submits his body to a little rigor in order to conquer his temptations is self-righteous. Our blood gets itchy when we hear of a man who hates his sin so much that he is willing to do something about it. The man who criticizes himself is criticizing me in a way I cannot easily escape.

I have angered otherwise pleasant strangers several times in the last several years, usually evangelists who accosted me while I lived in Florida and demanded to know, “Are you certain you are saved?” I replied, “I hope I am saved. I have faith I am saved. I love my salvation. But I am certain of nothing.” I argued with one such fellow for a few minutes in the produce section of a supermarket, and in the end, he angrily said, “You can go to hell,” and shoved his cart away. Ambrose Bierce was never so rude to me. [emphasis mine]

Just something I ran across which made me think. I suspect Mr. Gibbs is a kindred spirit.


4 thoughts on “When uncertainty is a virtue.”

  1. I thought it was a beautiful line as well.

    It was so good in fact, I forgave him that part earlier in the article where he categorized both Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity -+1 for balance- as annoying but “socially tolerable”. I beg to differ, LOL.


  2. I am not going to write any kind of formal announcement post, but as of February 14, I will be logged out of WordPress until after April 1.I need to focus on the Resurrection season without noise. Including my own.

    If you want to hit me up via email, feel free to do so.


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