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Parting Shots…

I’m going to take a holiday centered break from here beginning November 1st until after the Thanksgiving break. I fervently hope to be able to enter the Advent season with a relaxed mind and a focus on commemorating Christ’s advent into the earth. That means a lot of planning and shopping need to get done now so that I have the freedom to do that.

This is similar to a Frivolous Friday post, but in a more stream of consciousness vein.

~ Growing up:  This past Saturday SAM and I attended the homegoing celebration for the widow of a man from his childhood neighborhood. This man, an electrician, noticed when he was a little boy that SAM had a unique sense of how things worked, and a mechanically inclined mind. He would take him with him to electrical jobs and show him the ropes. Incidentally, we have lived in this house for a long time, have never called an electrician, and not because we’ve never had an electrical problem. The man’s door was always open to SAM and his brothers, and they came and went in his house, and this woman’s refrigerator just as if they were her kids. Her children had the same freedom at SAM’s parents’ house.

The interesting thing about occasions like that one is how strange it is to see people you haven’t laid eyes on in 20 or more years. Many of them I knew from the days pulling my beat up powder blue ’89 Ford Escort up to SAM’s parents’ house at the beginning of our relationship. It’s funny how people you think you’ll be connected to forever sort gradually fade from view as you build a family and grow into a separate person than the one you were when they knew you when. It has a surreal quality to it even as you are so happy to know that they are all alive and well. I can remember when I used to wonder how I lost touch with so and so. Now I know it’s just the way life is.

~ More surreality: I am not a person who hears from God directly as some do, but I had an eery experience recetnly.

I have tiered friendships. There are the couple of women I speak to on an ongoing basis. The ones I immediately pick up the phone to call or shoot a quick text to ask for prayer. There are others I see weekly (and have for years) as a result of our kid connections.

Then there are the friends I connect with maybe a few times a year: holidays, birthdays, etc. I can literally go months without speaking to them and out of the blue one of us will call or text the other and say, “Just thinking of you, friend. Love ya.” I woke up Saturday after having a dream about such a friend and her family. I hadn’t connected with her with since March. I didn’t call her right away, but I did pray for her. I was pretty busy so I shot her a text Sunday, to which she replied, “Oh my gosh…this was right on time!”, and preceded to tell me what challenging blow her family was dealt just last week.

It was definitely one of those things that made me sit up and take notice.

~ Brazen: I shared a story with Hearth (and another friend) the other day which sent us off on a very funny text conversation about a subject that isn’t particularly funny. Namely, the realtively shameless way many women comport themselves for the attentions of married men.

It’s not particularly shocking to me, since I don’t live under a rock, but it certainly puts to death this notion of the so-called sisterhood that feminists and masculinists try to put forth as a real thing. What sisterhood there are between women are not about being of the same sex. If it was, certain things wouldn’t be a thing at all.

I have a much greater respect for the woman who said to my husband a couple of weeks ago: “I know you’re off the market, but if you have a brother -or even a friend- who is available, set something up for me. I know your circle must some good men in it.” His circle does have some good men in it. Most of those old enough for her are already taken, though.

~Another day, another diet: So I’ve been flirting with the idea of the keto diet off and on for months. I haven’t been able to bring myself to bite the bullet on it, though, mainly because it’s the kind of thing for which there are no margins. I like margins. There is such a thing as too wide margins, and I know something about those as well. But NO margins? That’s daunting.

Nevertheless, I’m going to give it a go. I, as usual, could certainly stand to lose a few pounds. I’m always wrestling with the same 25. Up and down, up and down. But one of my overwhelming reasons for considering this is the pain I have been battling since I injured myself in late summer trying to impress the man with the heavy duty work I could get accomplished. He was impressed, but unhappy with my lack of priortizing my health.

Apparently something about keto affects the body in a way that relieves pain. I’ll let you know next month how I do with it. My bullet proof coffee this morning was delicious.

~App-oholic update:  So the man got me a new phone, because he just figured I needed one. The old one wasn’t broken. It just had a crappy camera and was always notifying me that I was about to run out of space.

The space problem was more about music, un-deleted text streams, and the myriad pictures and random kid videos that I never bother to transfer, but compared to his phone with years of information and 5 times as much music, mine was a relic. So he replaced it.

About a year ago, I went on right here about my increasing dependence on apps for things I would have found ridiculous a couple of years ago. Ahem. Since I got this phone, my app usage has gone up, not down.  Not only do I have the apps I mentioned before, but I’ve added even more: a HIIT trainer, parallel Bible app, and a put my WordPress app back on there. Oh yes, my Target Cartwheel app. I get a perverse pleasure out of that little cha-ching sound they text me when I combine a cartwheel discount with my red card savings. My husband added Spotify and Letgo because I need a classified app on my phone, I guess?

In other words, I’m wading in apps again. I figured I should confess it since I feel a little wormy about it. And I don’t even have Facebook!

So…this is the view from the rock bottom of app-oholic mountain.

I’ll be around a bit because wordpress app, but I don’t anticipate posting anymore before December. If you’re already well underway with your holiday preparations, do share!





9 thoughts on “Parting Shots…”

  1. I’ve started shopping. I have an Excel sheet for that. You’re not surprised. 🙂 November is when I get that in gear. I’ll have an interesting Christmas letter THIS year… I try to do the letter/cards around TG. Hey! I don’t have a giant bday party to throw this year! Whee! 😀 I adamantly refuse to do Christmas decor until after my mom’s birthday, so usually we hit that around 12/15. I need to start getting after my heavy cleaning, and after the garden is in, we should hit the front yard to make it purty for visitors. Assuming we do the annual party, which I hope we do.

    Speaking of holiday stuff, 13yo and I are going to do W30 again after the holidays, starting the second week in Jan. There is just no point at all between now and then. I guess we could squeeze something in between now and TG if we got crazy… but the point for me is not the W30, it’s the diet adjustment afterwards – so, tots counterproductive now. In weight, I find that the prog cream adds 3lb of water weight when I’m using it, so I try to ignore that but I don’t. Keep me posted on the keto.

    I find the notion of sisterhood vastly amusing. The game is to stick a knife in her back with a smile on your face and walk away with clean hands, whistling as if butter wouldn’t melt. Did these people not go to Jr. High? Have they never watched a soap opera or reality TV? Picked up a Jane Austen novel? You and I have a valuable commodity – a man who loves us, provides for us, makes with the babies, and comes home at night. There are plenty of women who are happy to go after that, by hook or by crook. And sometimes they go after it just to prove that they can. Social dominance. I used to get a lot more upset than I do now. Of course, at this point I’ve pretty much seen it all. This is what develops my cynical side. No, I don’t think people as a whole are nice. Not even a tiny little bit.

    I think the more you pay attention to that still small voice, the more you hear. At least IME. I was raised in a cessationist church. These CC people are the crazy, I’m telling you. Yes that’s me too.

    Always miss you when you take a break, but it does you good, so Godspeed.


  2. I like your holiday letters. Looking forward to it! I’m thinking of doing one for our family this year in place of the card and photo we usually send out.

    I considered delaying testing the keto waters until after the holidays but if it can help with relieving my shoulder pain, I need to start now.

    You and I have a valuable commodity – a man who loves us, provides for us, makes with the babies, and comes home at night. There are plenty of women who are happy to go after that, by hook or by crook. And sometimes they go after it just to prove that they can. Social dominance. I used to get a lot more upset than I do now.

    I don’t get upset anymore either. I used to though, even though I ‘ve never had a reason to doubt him. You saw for yourself what set this snippet of a post in motion. It wasn’t as brazen as that chick in your wedding photo, LOL, but still.

    This and SAM didn’t even know her name!. Because he’s in a position where his number gets passed around often, this kind of stuff happens from time to time, and we laugh. I just think it’s time everyone kills this nonsense about the sisterhood of women, LOL.

    You know, I should make a Christmas/Thanksgiving spreadsheet for planning and shopping.


  3. There’s probably going to be a slew of keto recipe blogs appearing on my blogroll over the next little bit because I don’t do well with repetitious meals for weeks on end, and like to try cooking new things. Or finding how to revamp old favorites in a way that I can enjoy something familiar even as I’m trying something new.

    As I try things out, I’ll let you know how it goes. I can already tell you that these waffles:


    They are the bomb dot com.


  4. Thanks, Hearth.

    Great hair day, great skin day after a few days of letting the face breathe. You would think I would be inspired to keep eating clean and drinking my 96 oz of water given the effects, but I always drop the ball. Old habits and all that…

    Of course, my eyes reveal the sleep dearth but I am hoping to rectify that -somehow. Looking for natural ways to get more than 6 hours of shut-eye without finding myself wide awake and unable to go back to sleep.

    Am open to suggestions…


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