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True love should humble us.

When we are well loved, it humbles us. This should have not been an epiphany for me today, but it was.

I was talking to a friend, and she was encouraged by a compliment I offered about my husband: “He is the one who keeps this ship afloat”. Because we spend enough time communicating and in each others’ presence that she knows how much invest in my husband and family, she admonished me not to underestimate what I add to him.

I don’t underestimate it. I just don’t think about it,  instead directing my energy towards honoring him rather than focusing on me. He is open about his appreciation for me also and is equally likely to extol my virtues when the occasion arises.

When I considered my friend’s sincere desire that I not underestimate what I bring to the table, for a split second I wondered if perhaps my near constant desire to exalt him means I am devaluing myself. Then it hit me: No.

Appreciating and relishing being loved by one who is excellent and worthy of praise humbles us, or it should. My husband is not perfect, but he is unquestionably an excellent man whom I have no qualms categorizing as exceptional. That he loves me at the level of intensity with which he clearly does is deeply humbling. It is not something I deserve.

It made sense today, more clearly today than it has in a long time, the passage describing the marriage relationship as analogous to the relationship between Christ and His church.

This is the advantage and strength, I am learning, of developing good friendships and prioritizing time with them. It’s not all fun and games. There are some things that can only be transmitted in one on one relationships.


2 thoughts on “True love should humble us.”

  1. Ha! Well now. I just got a call and a mini-speech about how none of *this* could have been possible without me and how much I do underestimate the impact of the role I play. Not only in the life of the kids and the house but in his life.

    And so, it just underscores my point: Love -multi-layered love- humbles.

    Nah- he didn’t click here. I sent it to him, LOL.

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  2. LOL. You sent it. Busted.

    You have love because you ACCEPT love, baby sis.

    The love of Father Yahweh is INVINCIBLE. Were husbands to love that way, I wonder how different things would be in this world. Were wives to embrace their man’s invincible love, truly…what would things be like?

    I’m not used to being loved that way. There has always been another shoe waiting to drop. I need to see both shoes on the floor at this point…my faith is weak in so many ways.

    I’m glad you remain strong. It’s inspiring.

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