Community requires need

Because I am currently at a loss for words, yet agree with these words 100%, I’m reblogging this post from my dear friend. It dovetails nicely with the discussion we recently had over at El’s Reading Room.

Hands, Heart, Hearth

The ethos of “find your tribe” “find your truth” actually kills tribalism.

Why?  Because a tribe (a community) is meant to hold together when times are tough as well as when times are good.

Our tribes are held together by convenience.   When one’s “truth” changes, one can change tribes with no regret – because the larger value in our society is that of being true to oneself above all else.

In the conservative online community, we talk often about the useful effects of community standards, and how soft methods of social control help maintain the community.  And then someone looks at me, a respectable matron, and expects me to trot out the social controls.

But there’s a problem.  No one cares.   In order for social control to work, the person being controlled has to care more about the community than they do about the discipline.  And we’ve all…

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2 thoughts on “Community requires need”

  1. Thanks for linkies. 🙂

    A further thought – individuality is not always a bad thing. It’s just a thing. When you’re standing up for what’s right against the world, that individuality helps. It’s not always a good thing for society to get its way – which Christians in the West are getting the tiniest taste of now.

    But it IS a part of how our culture operates.


  2. Individuality can certainly be expressed in a healthy way which does not necessarily undermine community, if such a thing existed and in most cases (as you rightly noted), it simply doesn’t.

    The diversities of gifts and talents we are all born with offers many opportunities for each person to be an individual in a healthy way.

    I totally *get* what you were saying, and I would hope anyone who read your post would be able to distinguish between healthy individuality and selfish individualism.

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