Swag Seminary

John Crist is very funny, but he hits some key problems with postmodern, “relevant”  Christianity.


12 thoughts on “Swag Seminary”

  1. rolling on the floor laughing my head off about the music one. Having grown up with a dad in Christian radio, I can’t even listen to the vast majority of “Christian” music. It’s so surface. It’s the same thing that Brittany Spears sings except with Christianese instead of sex lyrics.

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  2. That was a good one. I agree, although I confess that I do listen to a fare bit of it in the car. I just do so knowing full well I am not listening to anything deep or super spiritual. It is what I refer to as positive message music. Safe for the little ears, LOL.

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  3. Reminds me of the evangelical service I went to a few years ago where the Christmas story was told via Facebook updates on the screen. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at the time, but I guess this is how it is now. The Catholic Church is only marginally better, hence I don’t even go to that anymore because it’s just too much nonsense for me and the music sucks as well.


  4. Amen on CCM. My kids listen to some, and one thing I notice with most of it in the “pop” genre is that all the instrumentalists are pretty much window dressing–they’re laying down a beat and not much more while the “singers” mostly mumble and moan. Haven’t these guys ever listened to ANY real music–I don’t care whether it’s Elvis, or old Motown, or Prince, or even hair metal, but it just seems like they’ve never bothered to put together melodies and harmonies or anything. One might even suggest they’ve never heard much out of the hymnal–where is the musical development?

    And then there’s the “Jesus is my boyfriend, and not a particularly chaste one, either” genre. Gag. Makes me want to go to “purer” music like (H/T babylonbee.com) AC/DC.

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  5. We are fortunate to attend a church where, whatever its issues, the pastor clearly has not attended Swag Seminary.

    My husband actually had a conversation just last week with the pastor of a fairly large church. He explicitly stated that finding ways to connect with millenials. Hubs was slightly disturbed if not surprised but given that he was there in a professional capacity, he just listened.

    And then our daughter came home and said, “Look at this funny guy I found. This is exactly what Daddy was talking about.”

    Also, as our girls have been exploring church groups with large numbers of young adult believers, stuff like strobe lights, a concert atmosphere, and social media emphasis is common at the churches where the young Christians are.
    It’s a mess.


  6. Hey Bike. I agree with you. Part of the thing that removed some of the residual Baptist guilt I felt about “worldly” music is realizing that with rare exceptions and old hymns, it’s almost all worldly music now.


  7. :^). I don’t even know that a lot of it is all that worldly–at least if they use the blues rhythms (read: black gospel rhythms, really) right and pay attention to what the lyrics are saying. I can’t read Psalm 150 without concluding that music suitable for cymbals and dancing just might have had that “worldly” beat. And if God prescribed it for coming to His Temple, I don’t think I can call it worldly.

    And really, I probably wrote overly broadly about CCM. There is some excellent stuff coming out recently in genre like bluegrass, rap, and the like, but there is a tremendous amount of junk out there, most of it in the “light rock” category.


  8. Hey Bike. Speaking of Motown, the man and I were exploring -and laughing a little- at the care and yes, artistry (whatever we think tastewise some 30+ years later) of stuff like this:

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  9. 25 years? I’m thinking my Spartans had just beaten Indiana State when this one came out. :^) (the first meeting of Earvin Johnson and Larry Bird, I believe)


  10. Yeah I checked. It’s 37 years, LOL. Which means I only remember it from my sister’s music collection. I wasn’t really into music when I was 9, and my husband (who was 7 then) was no doubt far up in a tree somewhere (or magnifying an ant) probably remembers it from HIS sisters music collection.


  11. I’ve got to admit I had an advantage, being a couple of years older, and having personally seen the pictures of the national championship team in the office area of Jenison Fieldhouse. The contrast between Johnson and Sam Vincent a few years later is stark, and got greater after a young man from North Carolina got drafted by the Bulls. (at least for young black men–white kids who shaved their heads were called neo-Nazis)

    Here’s a bit more humor on CCM with which I completely agree.



  12. I have found some musicians that obviously are believers but they make great music and write songs about actual problems we face, just like David did. The Last Bison, Josh Garrels.


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