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America: One big fun house mirror.

President Trump’s latest undignified, poor impulse control theatrics has the media trotting out the “beneath the dignity of the office” line. Indeed, before i heard any news report, I even used the words: “That is so undignified”.

All it took however, was one good cup of coffee and clarity took hold. This is who we are, and by we I mean collective America; undignified, impulse driven, show boating, shameless, and daring anyone to confront our right to do what we want, when we want, and how we want. Of course we elected a president who does exactly the same.

One would certainly hope that by 70 years of age, a bit of maturity would kick in, yet I am reminded of one of my stepmother’s cardinal sayings: “Wisdom done not come from age, wisdom comes from God.”

That a media and corporate complex which relentlessly pushes exactly this type of emotion-driven, flesh-fueled approach to life would start to yell “undignified” when the man the people they service elected behaves in precisely the way they prescribe and reward crystallizes how distorted our self- images are. It’s as if we’re surrounded by fun house mirrors with no sense of how the behavior we condemn is part and parcel of American life.

This is occurring as I am reading books that touch on these themes as well. One of them is very recently published, and I have been dissecting and writing on it chapter by chapter.

The next installment includes a chapter on how unbecoming, unchaste, and embarrassing behavior is the new normal as a direct result of the current technology. The Anthony Weiner incident is used as a prime example, which speaks for itself.

For every person who understands full well that their antics are on display, there are others who find themselves having their naivete and sense of intimacy betrayed by people they thought they could trust. In a sane world, most people would refrain if only for fear of public shame, but that no longer exists either.

The other book, Culture of Narcissism by Christopher Lasch, was published in 1978, and yet somehow, with no knowledge of what life would be like in 2017 he tapped into the pulse of what we see today. America has been headed for this, complete with a nutty, no holds barred, undignified commander in chief for quite some time.

The president’s antics are simply an extension of the way many Americans live their lives and share their thoughts; unfiltered and without reservations for all the world to see. The pause button has been disabled until after the fact and when it’s too late.

So pardon me if once again, I find my outrage meter mysteriously on the fritz at the latest round of American pearl clutching. My ironic humor meter, however, is working just fine and we got a good laugh this morning here at our house.


10 thoughts on “America: One big fun house mirror.”

  1. I’ve thought we were through the rabbit hole for a while now. Amish dude gets six years for selling chickweed salve. Parents in England forced to watch the state kill their baby. And what are they having a parade for? Impeachment. -eyeroll- Yeah, he’s not exactly what I want in a President. BUT I can find much more important things to have an angry rally about – give me the internet and five minutes.

    The more this goes on, the more interested I am in my own garden, the things I can affect with my own hands. The system is rotten to the core, it wants replacing. And I know what that would look like, and how much collateral damage it would cause. So I’m not too excited about that either. I’ve friends on both sides of the aisle who say, “civil war” like they haven’t opened a history book. Or maybe they don’t have (nearly) 17yo sons… Sometimes the benefit is worth the cost – but are we so sure who would win?

    You say, “looking out for me and mine” – but what else can be done? Evangelism and looking to the things of the Lord, always and always… but that’s part of our daily duties, is it not? Have we not always been supposed to look for the soon coming of the Lord?


  2. I’ve friends on both sides of the aisle who say, “civil war” like they haven’t opened a history book.

    Yes. Every time I read some nitwit going on about revolution, over throws, race wars, etc. I wonder if they have the slightest clue what they are calling for.

    You say, “looking out for me and mine” – but what else can be done?

    That was not well expressed on my part. What I mean is that we have no sense of history. For example, I think it is a great blessing to be able to reflect on what my father -yes, my EARTHLY FATHER- would think if I engaged in this, that, or the other. It matters to me because he left such a huge and far reaching legacy of faith, faithfulness, and love for others.

    Likewise, I think about what kind of faith and life lessons I am imparting to my children which they will impart to their children, and so on.

    Our culture denigrates looking back for lessons to live by as old-fashioned and repressive, and is too busy looking out *literally* for numero uno to even really make the sacrifices that matter for the sake of their children. And grandchildren? who has time to think about that?? We’re living for today and the specter of grandchildren just reminds us that we’re getting older and are gonna die soon. Seriously, crap like this ABOUNDS:

    So when I say look out for me and mine, I really should have said, “look out for me”, because articles about not losing yourself to your marriage or kids, or not being tied to the “oppressive” parts of Christianity abound.

    Does that clarify my original statements? I hope so, and now I have to think of a way to reword and edit. So thank you for pointing that out.

    BUT I can find much more important things to have an angry rally about – give me the internet and five minutes.

    These faux outrage parties are just another indication of how spoiled we are.

    In the absence of real problems (see base of Maslow’s hierarchy) people will manufacture some.


  3. Okay, last monlolog I think.

    FWIW, I think it’s great to look good at 70. I hope my husband still finds me fetching at 70 assuming we’re both still alive and lucid. I just harbor no illusions that any other man on the planet under 75 would (or SHOULD) feel similar, LOL.

    But Google “70 is the new 40” and watch how many -serious- articles pop up. It’s a running away from reality (and by extension history and mortality) that is indicative of the kind of attitudes that have the 70-year-old “leader of the free world” tweeting himself in a WWE video…


  4. Oh. Sure. You can do a lot with a pot of money and a plastic surgeon (and dermatologist) on speed dial. I’ll never forget reading the article about Christie Brinkley, her saying – simultaneously – that 1) she’s never had any work done and 2) that she visits her PS weekly for some sort of face brightening/tightening. Dear, that’s “work”. You just haven’t been under the knife.

    I think my gpa and your dad would have gotten along famously. They had similar priorities. Does the Lord tarry, I think we’re going to see a fairly profound division in our country between the folks raised in families where the children, the relationships, the future came first – and those where personal, temporal happiness reigned supreme. That boulder’s gaining speed, but it hasn’t gotten to terminal velocity. Yet.

    Was listening to a presentation by the NT lady. She was talking about an experiment done on cats where the scientist fed one set of cats incorrectly and one of the stages of the degradation of the incorrectly fed cats was aggressive females, passive/feminine males, and reduced breeding. (The next stage was no more cats.) I wonder how many factors in our world are dovetailing to produce the mess we’re in sometimes.

    If our Lord isn’t coming back soon, it’s going to be a bad time.

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  5. Who is the NT lady?

    Also, it has been pointed out to me that Obama wasn’t beyond juvenile behavior (and let us not forget the horrifyingly undignified behavior of Bill Clinton).

    The difference is one of personality, and having the media as allies while trying to govern. The combination of Obama’s more reserved personality coupled with the media as his allies offered him much cover. Trump doesn’t have either of those things so as a savvy business man/media mogul, he needs to make the adjustments necessary to govern, which he seems either unwilling or unable to do.

    There are some pretty ambitious things on the current President’s agenda so he has to stop clowning. The media will hate him no matter what, but he needs the GOP congressional delegation (who are deathly afraid of negative media coverage) to get anything done.

    In other words, he HAS to grow up.

    Of course, my whole point here is that none of this should be particularly appalling to anyone because American dignity and propriety died a painful death decades ago.


  6. Yep. I completely lost interest some time after the election, like a switch flipped. I didn’t even know there was a latest whatever and really couldn’t care less. I’d rather watch pain dry, honestly. It’s just the same rounds of banal, unedifying, garbage.

    Trump really is the epitome of the brash, obnoxious American that everyone else in the world can’t stand yet he himself thinks he’s a real swell guy, lol. It really is kind of comical in that light.

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  7. It is still my man’s routine to turn on the news 6AM-7AM most weekday mornings so it’s hard not to hear about the things the media is beating the drum about.

    But yep. It’s all pretty ridiculous. I can’t help but hear these stories and wonder what everyone is so surprised and outraged about. Wasn’t this the plan?


  8. You’re preaching to the choir. I was aghast when Obama *went to* the Late Show in LA (after his inauguration) rather than summoning the interviewer to the Oval Office. You’re not a freaking entertainer, have some respect for the dignity of the office!

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