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Friday Frivolities 5: A hair raising edition

This is a hair raising edition because I’ve been thinking a lot about my hair this week. It’s not all I’ve been thinking about, of course, but it occupied more mental space than usual.

~It started last weekend when an older male relative asked my husband why- given his relative “youth”- he won’t dye his hair or beard. He has a fair amount of visible gray. He said no. The hair grows back too quickly, making it a frequent endeavor, and a waste of time. Most importantly, he’s fine with his gray hair.

The man countered that it just helps make a guy more attractive, no different from what a woman does when she wears a little blush to spruce up. My husband replied, “That is exactly my point. ” His pithy end of the dialog made me laugh but also made me think.

I’m thinking a bit about my own gray strands, which I usually color every 6-8 weeks for the express purpose of covering the gray strands peeking out in front. I’ve pondered it for a while now, even reviewing a book on the topic. Lately, I’ve been going longer between colorings because it does take time I need to spend on other things.

I almost never get around to coloring without going at least a couple of weeks with my visibly gray strands, which kinds of defeats the point of coloring in the first place, no? That’s an awkward angle, but the point is the gray hairs, not my big eyes. I couldn’t figure out how to do one and not the other without an even weirder picture.

Some days, I don’t mind them. It’s only a little, and only visible when I wear my hair pulled back, such as it is now. Other days it bothers me and it’s those days I find myself getting the color in. It’s funny the things we lament that previous generations of women never thought about. I just don’t want to find myself at 65 or 70 with a full head of black hair thinking I’m fooling anyone. 25 years seems like a long time from now but time passes quickly.

~This next bit is about growth of another sort: Veggies! I may not the worst gardener who ever planted a bed, but I am no doubt in the lower 50th percentile. Nevertheless, and with a lot of helpful tips and reminders from the man, I have been able to grow and harvest some good looking vegetables so far this summer. Here is yesterday’s take:


Two eggplants, and three tomatoes. I didn’t have eggplant Parmesan on my menu for this week, but I may have to consider a menu change.

~My word for the summer is “productive”. As much as we’re told about wife and motherhood being hard jobs, for me the reality is that a plan and a some focus can do wonders.

**Caveat: I am NOT referring to mothers of babies and preschoolers here. My “baby” is 9.**

The challenge, or at least my challenge, has been to resist the temptation to coast, doing what I need to get by (“good enough is good enough”) without stretching myself in ways that will force me to grow.

With that as my focus, it’s been remarkable that I have done twice as much around the house and errands, taken naps and walks when I need them, did some things to stretch and challenge myself and still indulge in occasional 30-45 minute time “wasters” such as writing this post*. It’s been a good season.

~Lastly, I mentioned a while ago that I was reading up on how to start my own SCOBY to make kombucha at home. It turns out that this was not as easy as The Kitchn made it appear to be. The main problem was finding a pure, unflavored bottle of kombucha to use as a starter. I went to every natural food market I could think of in our area and not one had a kombucha that was unflavored.

Fortunately for me, I have the hookup with good friends who are into this kind of thing and one of them gave me a SCOBY, which has brewed enough kombucha to make another SCOBY. So I have the makings of a SCOBY hotel on my hands. Problem is, everyone in my house thinks it looks disgusting:


The brew still tastes good, and it’s good for me, too.

Have a great weekend!

*I don’t really believe that writing this post was a waste of time.

14 thoughts on “Friday Frivolities 5: A hair raising edition”

  1. Ohhh I’ve wanted to start making my own kombucha. I like it but it’s so expensive!

    I stopped dyeing my hair. People are really starting to notice my gray but considering my dad had a head full of beautiful white and silver hair by the time he was 55, I’m just kind of giving up. It’s bad for my hair anyway. I got a hair cut, by the way, but I can’t send you a picture because I jumped into my neighbor’s pool with all my clothes on and of course my phone was in my back pocket.


  2. I agree that it’s not the best thing for hair to constantly coloring it to cover the gray.

    My dad grayed early , too. My 58 year old sister has a very little gray in her hair. Not sure how mine is gonna evolve, or when I’m going to give up the bottle and just let it.

    I can’t send you a picture because I jumped into my neighbor’s pool with all my clothes on and of course my phone was in my back pocket.

    LOL. This just means we’re overdue for a visit is all. That, and you know how to cut loose and have a god time. But I knew that.


  3. Yeah, every now and again I thinkbit would be cool to have Facebook. For me and Jo it’s text or in person. So now we have to meet up before it grows back out.

    She is so cute and petite that a bob suits her well.

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  4. You should have seen the look on the kids’ faces. LOL

    I think it’s fun to dye my hair but it’d be more fun if I could make it red. Dark red. Not like bright red like is the fad these days. DH wouldn’t like that though.


  5. Deep red (maroon or dark auburn) would work with your coloring if your DH ever decides he wants a redhead around. 🙂

    I’m the opposite, DH *loves* redheads but I look awful with red hair of any shade beyond, perhaps, strawberry blonde. Which isn’t his thing. Maybe I’ll do that when I’m fifty? -giggles-

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  6. ‘Kay. It’s yours. 1) get a phone! 2) plan your calendar to meet when all 15 of us can be there together. 3) bet the look on your kids’ face was priceless!


  7. So this is the husband’s suggestion on the hair.

    That bit of a streak just right of center in the front? Keep that, cover the other stray bits with color.

    Given that I look pretty good and haven’t to even really consider wrinkling for another 15 years, it will look kind of cool. Intentional, even. In other words…bridge the gap between beauty and authenticity.

    Just like an artist…

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  8. So…got the “I thought you uys were sisters!” line again Wednesday night and since the woman who said it was a black chick who should know better, I asked her if she noticed the bit of a gray streak right in front. She said she thought I did that on purpose. Husband was like, ‘See? I told you?” and the daughters were like, “You’re the only person who wouldn’t take this as a compliment.”

    I DO take it as a compliment, but I’m crossing the doorstep of my 46th year of life very soon. And I’m cool with it, which didn’t happen over night, I’ll tell you that much. The up side is that I feel like it’s a gift to my husband and motivates me to keep striving to take the best care of myself that I possibly can.

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