Sitting Kills, Moving Heals.

Sitting up way too late watching the Finals game 3 when it occurred to me that I haven’t moved in 90 minutes. Yeah, it’s 11:30 PM, but still.

I am reminded of the principles in this little book.

El's Reading Room...

sitting kills bookSitting Kills, Moving Heals. By Dr. Joan Vernikos. Published in 2011. 150 pages.

This is another one of those books I stumbled onto while perusing the shelves of the local library. Just as its title implies, this is a little book which explores the science of how gravity, and our use of it benefits our body in terms of health and longevity. I found it fascinating because it the findings of the studies Dr. Vernikos unveiled were an education of gravity that I was pleased to get a refresher on.

It’s not a secret to anyone that sedentary living is damaging to our health and vitality. This is as common to us as our knowledge that the sky is blue. What this life scientist from NASA found however, is that the commonly proposed solutions -30 minutes or more of exercise, 3-5 times per week- is ultimately not the long…

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5 thoughts on “Sitting Kills, Moving Heals.”

  1. I have phases when I am constantly moving in the house or out of it. And then I have phases when I have to remind myself that even though there is no MAJOR housework to be done, I should keep plugging away at the little stuff rather than settling with a book for an hour.

    Ultimately though, I am a child of modernity. A little book full of the science explaining the why behind the what I already know is like a little adrenaline shot to remind me to stay on the move.

    My dad was always on the move too, and no doubt this is why when he left this world, he left it with a full calendar, commitments, and Sunday school lesson plans that someone else had to suddenly take over.

    So like you, I know better as well. My father was also very good at moving on emotionally. Another lesson I would do well to learn.

    Did a lot of tidying yesterday, by the way. 🙂

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  2. I bought a kneeler chair recently, which I’ve wanted for an age. It doesn’t quite fit me, which is irritating – I like it in theory, it’s much better for my upper back, but with the not-quite-fitting, it’s not so great for my lower back. It does force me to sit-fidget though, which is good when i’m at my computer.

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  3. Kneeling chairs sound awkward but they are supposed to be good for your back and posture. And if they make you fidget, all the better, my friend.

    I thought about this while I was hanging some laundry, making the bed, and purging my kids stuff (we’re repainting their room).

    Since they were both doing some writing assignments followed by reading time, I did what I do and put on my music while I worked. Immediately the cha-cha (or something very like it), the merengue (or my variation of it), the rumba, etc. accompanied me as I did my work. I enjoyed it more and did more of it for longer than I had scheduled.

    I *default*, if you will, toward more efficient movement with rest than toward constant movement and “fidgetness”. There are books to be read after all!

    Which is why the music helps me a great deal. That, and making a point of standing to do things that I can stand to do instead of immediately looking to sit.

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  4. I think that we’re fortunate in being SAHM – we can spend a very great deal of time moving with little intentional effort. It’s just shy of 10am here. I’ve taken one child to school for finals, washed the dog pro forma, put the featherbed out for airing/stripped the bed, done some laundry, vacuumed the patio windows/rug, and am going to go fold things (which I always do standing). Our husbands, likewise, get to get up and move because of their work. How lucky we are!

    and yet, I crave MORE. More movement, more proper intentional exercise. One wonders, how much does the body need?

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