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Friday Frivolities 3: Els’ Potpourri

We once went to a restaurant with an appetizer menu titled “a little bit of this and a little bit of that”. That’s what this is: a random mix of things I’ve thought about that won’t shake the world, but which I find interesting or enjoyable.

~My quest for the perfectly made bed: I make our bed every day, but I usually go about it the short and sweet way: pull the sheets on straight, smooth out the quilt, throw the pillows on top. In other words, just enough so that when we get ready to get in it later, it’s somewhat orderly.

I’m not sure what came over me Wednesday, but I was suddenly possessed with a desire to make our bed “right”. Y’all know, the whole “You can bounce a quarter on it” test.  By the time I was done, there would be no quarter bouncing on my bed, but it did take a long time to strip it, smooth the mattress pad, put on the sheets, straighten, fold and tuck them, put on the quilt, straighten it. Put the pillows on nice and neat, then arrange the decorative pillows just so.

We have a big bed so just walking around it repeatedly to get things perfectly straight took longer than usual. 15 minutes to make a bed that I usually make in three.

It didn’t look very different, but I put in more effort. If the husband responded positively, I’d keep doing it. He didn’t notice it at all. This is one task that I will unashamedly continue to do in shortcut version.

~ Fashion, proportion, and figuring out what works for you: Hearth posted a link demonstrating why women her height look better in skirts above the knee regardless of age. The woman in the linked post definitely looks better in a shorter skirt, and it wasn’t the least bit immodest.

It was a reminder to learn how to personalize your style based on what looks good on you and hold arbitrary rules loosely. I’m much taller than 5’4″, and much curvier (meaning larger bust, smaller waist, wider hips; not rolls of fat). So the lesson in her example wasn’t necessarily for me but there is a lesson in it.

~Birthday season has arrived in our house! Six of our seven birthdays will come and go between now and September 1st, not to mention a double college graduation celebration thrown in for good measure. This means perpetual “dieting” to compensate for all the communal feasting that will be taking place.

One thing I find very helpful during times like these is the motivation provided by non-scale victories that I will gain from eating healthy 75% of the time as the 25% of the time I don’t slows down the ability to lose the few extra pounds I want to lose over the summer. You can find a list here. Approaching health holistically has been good for me. Last but not least:

~Dance Party!!!

This is low culture and I realize that, but one of the ways I decompress and focus is by putting in one earbud, cranking up music with a good dance beat, and using it to keep up my momentum as I clean house. It’s good cardio too.

So, here are a few of the tunes I bounced to yesterday as I did my work.  I know that there are people who dance and people who don’t,  so your mileage may vary. Just find a way to infuse some joy and energy into you life this weekend.

Better When I’m Dancing from The Peanuts Movie, by Meghan Trainor:

Beautiful, by Mali Music:

Adventure of a Lifetime, by Coldplay:

Beautiful Day, by Jamie Grace:

This last one is by a rapper one of my kids is into. Apparently ALL of his music is free, which hasn’t hurt his popularity one little bit. I don’t do rap and never have even when I was young. However, since the girls are geared up to hit the road to go see him this summer, he’s an unashamed professed Christian (that not without controversy), and this hit song is his tribute to his grandma, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a listen.

Sunday Candy by Chance the Rapper

Have a fun, family-filled, worshipful weekend, huh?


13 thoughts on “Friday Frivolities 3: Els’ Potpourri”

  1. I’m 5’5″ so not really short, but long skirts and dresses do not work for me either. Above the knee is usually best. I wish the long ones worked but looking like you’ve been “playing in your mother’s clothing” is about the jist of it! That one pictured from hearth’s link would definitely look better on me in its adjusted state! The long one – ack! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have a pretty decent read on what looks good on me at this point, but it has been nice to have someone like Hearth, who has really studied this stuff, to bounce ideas off of.

    The shorter length dress for instance, is a good tip for you shorter ladies. I found the difference pretty amazing, and the woman looked much more tasteful after taking a foot off the bottom of the dress.


  3. Tea or street would be too long on me I think. Not something I gravitate toward at all. At least I can give my kids what was not given to me – half a clue. My 14 YO is about 5’2″ and likes long tops, but it makes her legs look short and odd. Not a great look, lol.


  4. Thank you for linkie! 🙂

    If it’s any consolation, I wore a lot of long sweaters and leggings when I was 14. Comfy, if not flattering.


  5. Okay, I’m gonna get all deep on my frivolous thread, LOL.

    I actually think about this a lot, as I often wonder if (despite my devotion to Christ, husband, family, church), if my enjoyment of just letting myself go with some dance music is too sensual.

    I have pondered -at length and repeatedly- the ascetic presentation of St. paul versus what appears to me the far less ascetic way of life Jesus lived (leaving aside the fasting and temptation in the wilderness).

    It’s one of those topics I ponder on occasion when I share things like I did today revealing my penchant for personal dance parties.


  6. “The Greek word most often translated as “sensuality” means “outrageous conduct, shocking to public decency; wanton violence.” Sensuality is a total devotion to the gratification of the senses, to the exclusion of soul and spirit.” You were indulging in actions shocking to public decency?????????????????????

    Middle ground. Middle ground and some common sense.


  7. Yeah, I often think the same thing. I try to be cautious. Although I understand that the root word of sensuality is “senses” and since God gave us our senses, they cannot be inherently bad, Paul does use the word in a way that connotes that they are evil.

    But of course Jesus turned water into wine and used banquets and wedding feasts as object lessons in His parables.

    This leaves me with the idea that dancing in my house is probably not gonna damn me eternally.

    But since good Christians disagree on the matter, it’s never a bad idea to do a brief self-check.

    I’m sure that next week when I am standing over a couple of big loads of laundry and the kids are doing math, I’ll be dancing. :p

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  8. Here’s the Strong’s number for the Greek. http://biblehub.com/greek/766.htm

    Notice, really, that in the Greek, the word for sensuality is NOT derived from the same root as that for “senses.” Probably something of a bad translation choice for today’s English, really, and the NKJV translates it as “lewdness”, which is probably better, and parallel to the KJV “licentiousness”.

    Regarding dancing, Psalm 150 says it for me. http://biblehub.com/interlinear/psalms/150.htm

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