Stop it!

Annasach echos some thoughts I have been having about a few things. Since I am low on time -summer school is starting on June 1st here- I’ll poach her thoughts and hopefully have something of worth to say later.


I’m thinking some explanation would be good. I haven’t decided quite what I’m going to do but feel like it’s time to start a different project. Of course, I tend to do this often, so even I don’t know how long it will last, but there have been things going on that kind of follow a theme for me.

I’m not sure where it started, but it may have been when I flipped out last month and decided I wasn’t going to smoke anymore. I came to the conclusion that most so-called addiction is really mostly habit. It’s not a genuine addiction but a compulsion. It is the habit pull that is hardest to break, and you simply have to be either very stubborn or very determined in a way that once you make a decision, your integrity depends upon you sticking to it.

It’s been over a month and…

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4 thoughts on “Stop it!”

  1. I have close family/friends moving to another country within the month. They own a huge six bedroom, five bath, nanny-suite, walk-in closets and basement and attached garage with entertaining kitchen and separate formal dining room and two sitting rooms aside from the Great Room…etc. etc. house.

    They’re moving to a tiny two bedroom flat in a small European city with no washer/dryer and just the kitchen and a small sitting room. Their children will have to share a bedroom the size of a walk-in closet, and, horror! require bunk beds to make it work.

    I’ve been to Europe many times, and even to this particular city, and I’m not fazed by their situation. It’s normal for native Europeans and many transplants to socialize in public, at pubs (diminutive of Publick House…hmmm) or parks or on walks (semi formal excursions of people into various areas).

    To bring this back to Annasach’s post, I feel her and the aspect of “cleaning up” that has to be done. This family of whom I speak, they have a lot of cleaning up to do. We all do. The Moving Couple has much to do, they must pare down a decadent (and likely debt fueled life) to move and adapt to a new way of life. It’s not exactly a foreign culture but it is *different* and that matters.

    This brings me back to something we touch on earlier:are we spoilt? Probably. Our abundance and prosperity are unprecedented and Americans live in bubbles, some smaller or more transparent than others, but we don’t have any reckoning with how others live. Cleaning house is at base physical but it moves up from there. Change your habits, change your life. Your whole life. Habits, expectations, desires, outcomes.

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  2. I am acquainted with a woman who is married with 6 children, one on the way, and they are deliberately downsizing to a 900 sq. ft. house. Listening to her describe the different accommodations and alterations they are making to the space to fit their family’s needs is pretty fascinating.

    My hubs’ would never go for that, and I don’t think it would be my cup of tea either (house guests are a big part of our life so even when the big girls are gone, we’d view our home through the lens of “where to put guests”.)

    That said, as she figures out what she really needs versus the stuff that she has in triplicate or doesn’t need at all, I am learning a great deal and looking at my home and consumption more closely. That’s worth a lot.

    But yes, we are spoilt and yes, we are fairly disconnected from the reality of normal life. Not just around the world, but even in relation to a significant portion of people in other parts of the West.

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