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Friday frivolities: things I like, 1.

This is just what it implies; not deep. However, in the interest of supporting the notion that it’s perfectly fine and normal for women to enjoy being women and all the stuff that goes with, I want to start sharing some things which are not necessities of life, but make being a girl kind of fun.

I *get* the whole frugal thing. I live on a budget, too, and not everything I mention will be costly. In fact, some of it will be cheap or even free. Just not today. Today my frivolities are beauty products that no woman needs but that I enjoy and also don’t cost an exorbitant amount of money

  • Cocoshea Honey Sugar Scrub, Body Wash, and Body Lotion. I have no doubt that there are cheaper or even free alternatives to baby soft skin but currently, I am using these.
  • Easy Breezy Brow Shape + Define Brow Mascara. I have never been good at taming my own brows, and have had hit or miss luck having them shaped professionally. I like shaped brows, but not thin ones (my brows are already on the light side), and I’d rather leave them alone than have them done wrong. My daughter discovered this stuff a couple of weeks ago, and it does just the trick. I like it a lot.
  • ApHogee Curlific Moisture-Rich Leave-In. This specific product is, as it implies, for thick, curly hair, but ApHogee is a an excellent line for repairing and infusing protein and strength into all hair types. My hair likes moisture so this is a great way for me to do that on an every other day basis between shampoos.

Those are a few of my unnecessary necessary beauty products. Feel free to share any of your own, including natural ideas!

Have a great weekend.



19 thoughts on “Friday frivolities: things I like, 1.”

  1. Thank you for sharing these. I didn’t know about the brow mascara and my girls are always complaining about their brows. (and every other last feature of their selves as only teens can do) Maybe this will be the solution for them. Won’t hurt to try.


  2. I found the brow mascara a good solution for me.

    If I lived in an area where the abundance of salons who wax didn’t have a heavy accent or don’t quite get the difference between “shape” and “thin” we might never have found it, LOL

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  3. Yes. It is sort of a thing I don’t really *forget* since the man is not shy about his preferences for the girly stuff.

    Another way he breaks from the pack since he doesn’t try to shy away from the fact that he likes it when I am made up, hair done, shoulders showing, etc. And is willing to put his $ where his mouth is on it.

    Kind of like your guy, now that I think about it.

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  4. Yes. But the prevailing culture … 13yo was quite put out yday because one of the girls at school called her “girly”. Like, wha? Miss I want a unicorn cake isn’t at all girly? But it’s a bit of a put-down. Only “I’m afraid my nails will break” girls are girly these days. Bah.


  5. I try to go au natural as much as possible. Coconut oil to deep condition my hair, baking soda and vinegar no-poo to cleanse it, my own blend of oils to moisturize.

    But I haven’t found anything that makes my face look and feel so good, without makeup, as Olay Regenerist moisturizer. It is expensive but so, so good, and full of evil chemicals and made by that awful Proctor & Gamble corp too! Send me to hippie reeducation camp immediately.

    I don’t like doing my brows. They’re very light in color though not thin, and when I use any sort of wax, filler, plumper, or shaper, I feel like a clown. I look like a clown. I detest and fear clowns.

    Brows seem to be the obsession trend these past few years. Stencils, brow tattoos, brow tinting and dyeing at salons, they’re eyebrows and women spend a fortune tending them. I must be old.

    For makeup, Bare Minerals. Also expensive, but I only wear face makeup a few times a month or for special occasions, so it lasts a very long time. Clinique mascara, and some type of lip gloss or stick does it for my makeup most days.


  6. I’m a Bare Minerals wearer as well. Love it. It’s worth the expense to me. My SIL uses Olay Regenerist also. She likes it and says is worth the money.

    I need a good moisturizer, something I never needed before as my skin tends to oily. But my cheeks have a dry spot. I’m trying to address it with nutrition and increased water intake first. We’ll see.

    I also hate the drag queen brow look that is so popular now. I like mine shaped, not thick, but also not too thin either.


  7. Huh. Seems I need a moisturizer even though my skin is oily more often than not. At least according to WebMd:

    For people with oily skin, breakouts may never stop as they age. But oily skin does have a plus: It wards off wrinkles better than dry skin because the oils keep skin moister and smoother.

    Using moisturizer is one way to lessen the impact of wrinkles before they appear. If you have oily skin, you can keep your skin clear and less wrinkled with hypoallergenic moisturizers.

    I’ll need to do some research to see what is the best choice for brown, oily skin though. I do NOT need to shine anymore than I already do, lol.

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  8. I’ve done crunchy, and have a serious fondness for emu oil (I got turned on to it when BFF was doing radiation – and yes, it helped her), but at the moment I’m using a serum (thanks Els), some eye-cream from the health-food store, and Clinique moisturizer.

    What seems to help my skin most is a really good exfoliating routine, which I need to get back to. :p

    Does anyone do dry skin brushing? I don’t know if my skin likes it or not, but the rest of my bod really appreciates the circulation. (Things I need to do more often).

    I did no-poo for a while. It was okay, but a huge pain in the butt to drag baking soda and vinegar into the shower, so I went back to regular shampoo – honestly for the tactile enjoyment of shampooing my hair. I was using a hair-mask from Lush for a while, but the one I like the smell of has henna in it, and I’m thinking of getting baylage done on my hair, so henna is off the list. I got a hair-mask from Target that is fine, but I prefer the Lush version. Maybe I should look up some recipes online for making your own. /shrug.

    I should check that brow thing out. I know I need to get mine waxed. :p Nothing crazy, just a professional-level tidy up.


  9. Never heard of baylage before today. Interesting.

    Nope. Never dry brushed either. What’s that like?

    For the record, and for what it’s worth, this conversation is a textbook case of why a woman (particularly a married one) needs to get direction from her husband on this stuff.

    Mine is not into crunchy. At all. He expects effort to be put forth and doesn’t view a few dollars spent on skin care anything remotely resembling over the top or irrational lengths to pretend youth.

    Should I ever fall prey to that delusion one look at the skin of the three early twentysomething women living here can quickly the notion.


  10. Hmmm. Maybe that would be good for Lily’s hair. It’s so dry and crunchy and curly. The only time it’s not is about an hour directly after she’s put conditioner in it.

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  11. Dry brushing: : This is very crunchy, and err… remember the random discussions we’ve had about ancestral stuff? Apparently very Euro, too. 😛 I DO find it helpful, and should probably do tonight. The downside is one does not want to do this on sweaty skin, and it takes a few in-the-bathroom pre-shower minutes, so you have to plan. And not shower after the gym, which I usually do. Don’t do my face though I have one. Maybe I should… I really suck at personal maintenance. Okay, I just suck at maintenance, period.

    What is it like? It’s like a light, stimulating massage over your skin. Gets the blood flowing, and I’m pretty sure I notice the lymphatic drainage (I make sure to drink extra water when I do it, esp if it’s been a while), because doing this over anything within 8″ of my armpits feels *amazing*. It is lightly exfoliating, but not especially scritchy, the brush isn’t a scrub brush by any means.

    If I’m going to go Euro with health care, and crunchy, I could actually brush my hair like Mom told me to. :p When I do that, it’s gorg. (Comb hair in shower with conditioner on. Wait until completely dry. Brush 100x per side before bed, nightly, with boar bristle brush. This keeps your hair cleaner and distributes oils from scalp to ends. Probably totally useless info if you have curly hair). Does straighten wavy hair.

    My new hairstylist actually UNDERSTOOD what i was wanting with tiny strands of highlight, and he does balayage, so when I have a minute I’ll go get something like this done. (Not crunchy, but husband person prefers me with highlights):

    Lush henna hair stuff – smells incredible, does moisturize/repair:

    The no-poo honestly worked almost as well as real shampoo, once the adjustment period was over. But baking soda is so… scrubby.. :p And I smelled vaguely of vinegar. Blah.


  12. Dry brushing is such a treat. I try to do it 2-3x a week, before bathing, but I don’t always have the luxury of time for it.

    I put EOs in my vinegar rinse, never smells bad, and some EO on my boar bristle hairbrush to scent my hair. I comb out my hair in the shower, tie it up in a turbie-twist, and then let it air dry before I brush it. But I only cleanse it twice a week (once you go no-poo you don’t have to wash it that often).

    E, moisturize. Even oily skin needs it. I have combination skin, fairly oily with dry patches. The Olay Regenerist evens it all out and provides a fantastic base for any makeup you want to wear.


  13. Me again! One thing I’ve been using recently to cleanse my face is micellar water. $6 at the drugstore, skip the prestige counter, it’s all the same stuff.

    I bought it for cleaning my Bare Minerals makeup brushes and read that it was good for the face, too. I love it. On those mornings where I’m chasing down socks and sneakers, yelling for breakfast to be eaten and teeth brushed so we can get to school, it’s a huge time saver and makes my skin feel fresh and soft. Then it’s my Olay, mascara, and lip color of the day, and I’m off!

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  14. I am not a crunchy, low maintenance person at all, so I will spare you all the details of my routine. LOL.

    I have very oily skin that produces more oil when it is dehydrated. I use moisturizer everyday and a facial oil at night. The facial oil keeps my skin from overproducing its own oil and leads to more balanced skin overall. There are facial oils available at a variety of price points and you could even blend your own.

    Maybe try getting your brows threaded instead of waxed. It is more sanitary, there is no risk of being burned, and because the brow hairs are removed a few at time you are less likely to end up with over plucked brows.


  15. Maybe try getting your brows threaded instead of waxed. It is more sanitary, there is no risk of being burned, and because the brow hairs are removed a few at time you are less likely to end up with over plucked brows.

    How did I never think of that?



  16. Two of our girls ran out of makeup, so they figured this was a perfect time to try out Rhianna’s new Fenty Beauty product line. We’re not at all “down with the struggle” types, but we feel like the least we can do is support companies and products developed by people who know what we need and need the same things we need in a product. So off we went to check it out and hopefully find a good product.

    It is a veritable rainbow and just as advertised, they had both their shades. Among many. They tried the foundation and a little bit goes a long way, coverage was good, and it didn’t feel like you were wearing make-up. Unlike Iman’s line, which is why I never bought it.

    But…they were sold out of both my girls’ shades (one is two shades darker than the other). They have a whopping 40 shades, and those weren’t the only two that are sold out. Everything at the deeper end of the spectrum was gone:

    They were also sold out online until further notice.

    It seems like a really great line, though. I look forward to trying it when I run low. It seems to be made of good stuff. Right now I use Bare Minerals. Since I only do full makeup once or twice a week, it’ll be a while before I need to get a foundation. When I do though, I’m gonna give this one a try.

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