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In honor of Mother’s Day…

… Some cool mom stuff I have encountered in recent days.

  • A large group of mothers of infants in a local park working with a trainer while their babies sat in strollers. One mother with a particularly fussy baby calmed him by holding him in her arms while she did squats.
  • A mother who, when she saw that her daughter has a particular interest in studying foreign languages, loosened some of her control of their homeschool day and allowed her to explore them.
  • A mother who responded brilliantly when her teenaged daughter complained about her flat butt: “You have a perfectly shaped white girl butt!” I love that she encouraged her to embrace who she is.
  • The mom who takes the time to help out mothers with young children even though she has minor children of her own still at home.

I tend heavily towards improvement and accountability in American women, because Western women are so poorly represented as a whole.

I do know, however, that there are some wonderful wives and mothers out there doing their best to get it right. If you’re a mother reading this post, I commend you for your labors of love.

As for me, I have a newly minted 9-year-old whose requested birthday dinner is not pizza or macaroni and cheese. Oh no!

She wants an “Asian feast” consisting of Mongolian beef, orange chicken, vegetarian bibimbap,  noodles, egg rolls*, and cake decorations representative of the theme.

So, I’d better get back to it.

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies.

* Egg rolls are store bought.

10 thoughts on “In honor of Mother’s Day…”

  1. The cake was very cool.

    Mom was happy with her presents and having folks to talk to about hydroponics. (I think she’s going to set up some raised beds this summer). DH helped her with a blind in their camper. Dad and 16yo plotted their walk tomorrow.

    And next weekend we get to see what i can come up with in the theme cake department. Apparently, baked-in-sprinkles will be making an appearance.


  2. Is your daughter turning 13??? Time flies.

    We had a good mother’s day. Took some time after church to give tokens of encouragement to a couple of steadfast mothers I know.

    Spent time with my stepmom who was seriously missing my dad yesterday then the kids took care of me later in the day.

    God has been abundantly gracious to me.


  3. Hope the party went well, and speaking from experience, let’s just say that if you’ve got some Asian friends who like to cook, a well placed “bribe” to get them to teach you how to make egg rolls from scratch is a smart, smart investment. And going to the local asian market to get supplies is a double bonus.

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  4. LOL Bike. I’ll officially have two teenagers instead of a teenager and a tween. Teenagehood looks easier than tweenageishness, at least for girls. You may disabuse me of this notion if necessary.

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  5. Thinking about your Mother’s Day post on your Rose Garden blog, Hearth. Is it my imagination, or does your daughter look more like your husband? I don’t really see her in the pics you posted of your grandmothers. Not the way I see you in the one.

    Speaking of husbands, we’re already working on Father’s Day around here and since I know that even when the man does take a cursory click here he can’t be bothered to read comments, I will say that we have something planned that he will like.

    Yesterday, at my mom’s house, there was a discussion of who looked like who. One of my twins was looking stunning in this, and my mom said she looked exactly like me as a young woman.

    She followed up by saying that Bright Eyes looks exactly like my husband, to which the twin joked at her, ‘Oh, I’m sorry for you.”

    Bright Eyes, who has never been particularly confident about her looks responded with, “What? I know better. If I look like Daddy then I must look pretty good.” They all know there is broad consensus, even from strangers, about how handsome their father is.

    That’s when I showed her your pics. It is kind of neat to see the extension of the generations physically represented in our kids.


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