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How to earn cool wife points.

Husband: Did we have something scheduled for this weekend?

Wife: Nope, but I thought you might enjoy this car show I read about.








[And a great time is had by all]

Have a great weekend. If spring has sprung where you are, get outside!


13 thoughts on “How to earn cool wife points.”

  1. When I scheduled this several days ago, I did so without processing that today is Good Friday.

    Have a wonderful day and a joyous culmination of our Holy Week, if you celebrate it.


  2. Lots of shiney chrome, yes.

    For some strange reason, the show was overrun with Ferraris. Not that I don’t *get* the appeal of Ferraris but… I’m not into cars either like that either.I liked these pics much better so I posted them and skipped the Ferraris.


  3. Car collecting and restoration is a dying hobby. Very few young people are into cars, mostly because they’ve become so costly and complicated to tinker on, so the 50+ crowd takes the biggest share of the market. I have a ‘project’ truck I work on, but parts can be hard to find. Enjoy these shows while you can. And good for you for treating your husband like that. Very few wives today see the value in half a day of ‘spouse maintenance.’

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  4. My husband has a young (30) relative who bought an old car with the intention of putting some money into it. He hasn’t been able to do that and is trying to get us to take it off his hands and and do so since my husband could actually do the work..

    We would, but we’re not certain at this point that we can spare the money required to fix it up. Maybe later this year, but luxuries are something we all need to be careful about investing at this point, I suspect.


  5. Love old cars, but agreed that it’s an expensive hobby to get into–and also can be somewhat dangerous. There is a reason most garages were detached until the 1960s, after all. I’d love to have something like a 1949 Chevy, but something tells me it’d become a street rod for these reasons, and only after I had a detached garage to work on it. I think I’ll stick with bicycles and such, and let other people work on the beautiful old cars I love to see.

    Never liked Ferraris or other “supercars”, though. I can see the point of a fair amount of luxury, but there is a certain point where you cross a line between something you’ll legitimately enjoy, and where you’re just showing off. They’re like the gilding all over Donald Trump’s penthouse.

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  6. LOL Bike. 🙂 DH is fixing up the ’66 Mustang that was his father’s and now belongs to his sister… the shrieking if he forgets to close the door between the kitchen and the garage when he fires her up… yeah. -coughs-

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  7. Yes, you can be “too chill”. Are YOU too chill, at least with info given? Nope. Email me if you want to discuss this in greater depth.

    Not a lot – he has to do the brakes and a bit more – he hasn’t been well enough to address it for quite a while, and when he has been well, there have been other priorities. I’m looking forward to having the garage back!


  8. Gracious hostess, you’re making the right decision by trusting him; he’s telling you who it’s from and showing it to you. Giving small gifts of nominal value is a long tradition in world business, especially in Asia and to a lesser degree in Europe and the United States, and it’s especially strong in the service industries like insurance and dentistry. I’ve gotten Stollen (German raised fruitcakes), meals, golf outings, bookmarks, invitations to parties, bottles of wine, and such. My stepdad,a retired dentist, made it a habit so that other dentists would cover for him while he was on vacation, and many realtors do it as well.

    Sometimes it gets out of line, but that’s generally when the person involved has the power to make big contracts for the company’s product. Engineers and IT guys rarely get that opportunity.

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  9. I know so little about cars that I can’t even remember what kind of car my hubs’ cousin isxtrying to get him to take.

    But it is loud, LOL. Between the noise and the fumes I bet it’s a trip when your husband fires up that engine with the door open.


  10. Don’t mind the noise TOO much, I expect that with the car being fussed with. But the fumes. Oh, the fumes. Straight into the kitchen….

    Always reminds me how very glad I am for the smog-reduction stuff we’ve done over the past decades. Remember when that’s what every street smelled like?

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  11. Hearthie’s comment reminds me of the reality that we used to call guys who worked on cars “shade tree mechanics.” Again, it wasn’t just because folks liked to be outside (though that was true), but rather that there are health and safety issues involved when you’re playing with something that burns gasoline.

    And writing as a guy who’s been riding a bike for 42 years now, while I miss the style of those 1950s cars (1960s less so, 1970s even less), thank God they’re not making cars like that anymore. Cough, cough.

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