Humility is important, real living in a virtual world

The Internet is Forever.

I can’t count the number of scandalous -and true!- events I’ve heard about in the lives of family members or acquaintances that someone learned about on Facebook.  No one in our house is even on Facebook, and yet we hear these things.

Also, from personal experience, it smarts to have something you wrote or posted years ago regurgitated after you’ve had a change of heart about the subject or a spiritual growth spurt. People always remember “when”, especially when it suits their purpose of small minded criticism and petty gossip.

To date, my girls have shown great wisdom and restraint in the way they conduct themselves online. I suspect this is in large part because they have each other with which to safely share their most controversial thoughts. That, and the fact that they are more like their father than their mother in this regard.

However, all it takes is one misstep to find your folly recorded in permanent digital posterity. So, remember:

The Internet is forever.


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