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Don’t start a strict diet just as you’re going on vacation.

Yes. I realize that this is common sense. However, in my defense, the man sprung the weekend jaunt on me out of the blue. Had I known sooner than three days before departure that I would be departing, I wouldn’t have embarked on a new cycle of Whole 30 on March 1st, as I mentioned before.

Our older daughters, however, had planned their opposite direction trip weeks in advance, and one of them still decided to join me on my Whole 30 for solidarity’s sake. Like her momma, she had a hard time sticking to the rules.Of course, after two meals of noncompliance, you simply toss the whole thing and enjoy your vacation. It’s too hard to stick to the rules, especially when you have no idea what’s in the food you eat at restaurants.

The rules are very strict by design. The idea is that you feel so good as you go through the program you have no desire to return to your regular way of eating. It works because I generally avoid a large portion of the “bad”, restricted foods in my daily life. Still haven’t quite worked out how to stay the course when besieged by stress or sadness.

So the lesson, which is more of a reminder than anything I didn’t know (although I didn;t really need to know it until later in life), is this:

Don’t start a strict diet while you’re on vacation.

When you get home, however, jump back on the bandwagon. If you need motivation to get back on track, just take a look at the vacation pictures. And thank heavens if you have a guy whose wife goggles are so thick he loves taking pictures of you even while you look like this.


10 thoughts on “Don’t start a strict diet just as you’re going on vacation.”

  1. Not a lesser extent at all. You make me so happy by wearing the right colors! You look so beautiful!!!!!!! I really am made happy by this, and am a little bemused by how much I am made happy by this ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. You look so beautiful!!!!!!!

    Like my man, you are biased. It’s nice to be loved, though.

    I look at the pics and think they are just the motivation I need, LOL.

    It is sometimes hard when you see colors you like but that don’t actually look great on you. My kids are always laughing at my tendency to be drawn to navy like a moth to a flame. It certainly doesn’t hut than blue is my favorite color.


  3. Yes, vacations are for eating. LOL.

    Navy blue looks good on me but orange is only OK. Yellow is much more flattering. Maybe I will have my colors done to figure out why that is.

    Good luck with your diet.


  4. Thanks. I need the luck, LOL. For the most part though, I have it mastered. Life threw me off course a bit last year and at my age (45) the pounds can add up quickly. This is new territory for me, but I think I have made the necessary adjustments.

    If you need a color consultant, I can’t recommend Hearth highly enough: It’ll cost you a little bit (prices here) but she’s knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about helping the best *you* shine through.


  5. Hey Hearth,

    Look what I am getting for Mother’s Day! Well, maybe for my birthday. Not sure which, but I expect they’re gonna buy it for me. They know me SO well:

    I suspect I will do the red accents as well. I do red pretty well.


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