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The point of International Women’s Day.

This is one thing I still haven’t learned an answer to. However since it’s one of those things I wish I knew sooner so that I could offer a coherent answer, here it is.

Another thing I don’t know is why my local Christian radio station is going on and on about it -International Women’s Day, that is- as if “gender parity” has any significance or relevance within the Christian faith.

Because that is after all, what International Women’s Day purports to be all about. Of course, when you’ve been around a while, one thing you do know is that even this is a lie.



7 thoughts on “The point of International Women’s Day.”

  1. Egads! I just learned that women are supposed to be wearing red in support of the “day without a woman” stunt. I’ve been running around most of the morning in a bright red t-shirt.

    It’s already a rare thing for a black women not to work outside the home in the first place, and here I am in a red t-shirt. I just hope most people were like me: too ignorant of the details of this nonsense to even make the connection and assume I was dressed such a way in solidarity. LOL.


  2. I don’t think too many people got it, TBH. Not out here anyhow. I hear in other places, they’ve had to cancel school because teachers aren’t showing up.

    DH thought the whole thing (both the strike/wearing of red and my wearing of blue and going shopping) were stupid. /shrug. I did need to go to the grocery store, so it wasn’t random unnecessary shopping. *No, he didn’t forbid me, he just thinks the whole thing is dumb*


  3. Your husband sounds a lot like mine in that regard. Just another stupid thing some chick came up with, he says. He was on a roll yesterday, noting that “me time” and “age is relative” were two other one he overheard silly women saying yesterday.

    As it turns out I don’t need to shop today, but I do have to run a bank errand. Does that count, LOL?

    The latter was one that made us chuckle as it is demonstrably, farcically, false.


  4. If my memory is correct the first “International Women’s Day” was in 1975, Russia was still the Soviet Union. This is where this day came from under Stalin’s dictatorship. Would they celebrate it if it came from Nazi Germany? Of course red is the Communist\Democratic colour.

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  5. I saw a lot of women wearing red today, but I didn’t make the connection. International Women’s Day seems harmless to me.


  6. I didn’t have a problem with it until they paired it with the pink-hatted protesters … this is supposed to be the next day of protest, thus the strike.


  7. I agree that on the main, it just blends in with every other inane “holiday” or event that has a date attached to it, and there are plenty. We have a running conversation going in our house about how silly whatever shows up on each day. Today is “International Wig Day”, for instance.

    But once it was morphed into a push for women’s “rights” and a day of protest (to protest what exactly?), it became another seditious attempt to keep women on the outrage/join in bandwagon.

    We women love jumping on bandwagons of one sort or another. I’m a Whole 30 one right now, LOL.


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