Connect with nature regularly.

In recent years, I have encountered more and more women who are adamantly opposed to spending time outdoors. As a suburban girl who loves the conveniences of suburban life, I can certainly appreciate trepidation at the thought of living in the woods or in a rural environment with no real frame of reference for what that kind of life would entail.

I can not however, understand the mindset which totally eschews spending any time appreciating the wonder of nature and all that God has created. We are in fact, an integral part of nature as well, despite wacky environmentalist commentary which suggests otherwise. It does the soul and body a lot of good to spend some time connecting with and appreciating nature on a regular basis.

This is the time of yer when manatees migrate and show up at Florida’s springs in big numbers. Every year for the past few years we have made  point of making the drive up to go  and appreciate the wonder of it all.

In order to be successful in the quest to see the sea cows, you have to check the weather forecast. If it’s too warm, you won’t see any. I chaperoned a field trip with our older girls’ school one winter. The trips are planned moths in advance and it turned out to be an 80 degree day in mid-January. We got up there only to find bupkis.

This past Friday however, with high temperatures in the low 60’s, we took the girls up for a much needed field trip and we got to see the manatees.

Manatee swimming down into the source of the spring.
Water so clear it sparkles.
Bank erosion has trees falling into the river.
This manatee had a run-in with a boat propeller.
Five bi-planes flying against the backdrop of a beautiful blue sky.

Nature is a beautiful and wonderful thing. Get outside.


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