Common sense

Nothing goes without saying anymore.

I am reminded of this almost every time I engage in a hot topic  discussion. It’s especially obvious on the Internet, but is not solely a phenomena of the world wide web. There are no commonalities of understanding or beliefs. People don’t generally agree anymore about what is foolish behavior and what isn’t.

I like to jog or walk at local parks around our area which have habitat protected areas in the vicinity. It doesn’t negate the fact that there is a lot of pavement all around, but at least I still have parts of God’s creation to look at in wonder of His majesty. At several parks around the metro area I have seen these new signs being posted:


I’ve mentioned before that some things are simply common sense around here. Or at least they used to be. This sign, which I snapped while out this morning, reminded me of the thing I still find myself frequently forgetting:

Nothing goes without saying anymore. Nothing.


2 thoughts on “Nothing goes without saying anymore.”

  1. I will never forget a story my folks told me about their time in Africa (for the Peace Corps). They were on holiday near a river in Kenya with some military families, and there were hippos around.

    Some fool was trying to get her daughter to “stand closer to the hippo” for a photo – the 10yo was having none of it, much to her mother’s disgust. The mother became MORE disgusted when my mom chimed in that indeed, hippos are quite dangerous…



  2. Common sense died a painful death a long time ago it seems. Rather than be grateful that your mother imparted information to this woman that may have spared her daughter and family great distress, she got angry. Figures.


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