real living in a virtual world

Choose your audience carefully.

In life whether we realize, like or understand it, we always have an audience. Few people have an audience as big as they imagine. Nevertheless, our lives are probably potential inspiration or cautionary tale to at least one other person.

There are two types of audiences available to every person in this era of human progress. There is the flesh audience, made up of people we know, love and interact with face to face. And then there is the potential virtual audience acquired as we share bits, images, and pieces of our lives with the larger world.

Yesterday, I was mentally hashing out my thoughts on life, beauty, and authenticity. Authenticity is now more of a post modern buzz word than something very many people actually care about. We have different trendy things which we label “authentic”. On the left, it’s marked by sexual identity freedom and the public flogging of anything resembling traditional order. On the right it’s marked by going back to the land and an embracing of the old ways.

But isn’t possible to live a true and authentic life in the suburbs, and possible to be a rural poser? The lynch pin is not the what so much as it is the why and how.  For many people, the how involves an audience. Audiences, whether acquired or contrived, audience short circuit authenticity without a good source of bold, trusted accountability in the flesh.

How many people truly believe that reality shows are in any way based on reality? How real can you be when you know the cameras are rolling? Many of the most jarring videos we have all seen are those recorded when the person didn’t know they were being filmed.

It behooves us to remember that unless we are in the privacy of our own secure homes, there is a chance that our authentic selves are being filmed. Gospel artist Kim Burrell recently learned this the hard way as her blackness combined with being briefly hurrahed by Hollywood did nothing to spare her from the wrath of the sexual identity/orientation brigade. I guess some people haven’t gotten the memo that gay is the new black. Which brings me to my main point:

In as much as you have any choice in who your audience is, choose carefully.

Don’t try to straddle fences, being everything to everyone, believing you can fit in everywhere. It will not work. Being a woman of principle means that your beliefs, whatever they are, will sometimes offend. Be prepared to live with that.

* I have zero interest in a discussion of women preachers. Know that our position is that the Book is unambiguous and crystal clear on the matter, so there really is nothing to discuss as far as this blog is concerned.


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