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Have fun. Have friends. Enjoy family.

One of the things I am trying to remember, and instill into our younger children, is that leisure while nice, should be the reward of work and not an end unto itself. In other words, essentials first. However, every life needs fun, beauty, leisure, and fresh air. Not to mention, blueberry fields:


To that end, we recently got together with another family we’re friends with and went to pick blueberries at a farm where they are ripening uncharacteristically early. It was lots of fun, and the berries taste wonderful. Some of my people ate almost as many from the bushes as they dropped into their buckets.


The kids had a great time as well:


The weather was beautiful:


There were orange groves adjacent to the field:


And wildflowers! In January!


Clearly not everyone is experiencing balmy 80 degree days in January, but I’ve seen some of the beautiful photographs friends and amateur photographers have taken of snow drifts and winter skies in places north of here.

You may not be able to pick blueberries yet, but perhaps you can sled, make snow angels, or simply enjoy a hot cup of cocoa by a fire.

The wonder of creation -and life!- is that it is captivating in myriad ways, if we would only take the time to look for it.


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