When you bake, weigh your ingredients.

I didn’t think I’d be back in this space this year, but over the course of holiday baking and increased kitchen experimentation, a tidbit occurred to me that I felt was worth being on the list of things I’d wish I’d known sooner.

Since this is the season of baking, it makes sense to post this now rather than wait until the new year when everyone is returning to their diets.

While most women are interested in being able to turn out decent cookies, cakes, and pies, I have noted that not everyone is as riveted by the minutiae of baking science as I am, so this will be brief.

When a recipe calls for 1 cup of flour, you whip out your one cup measuring cup. More often than not it’s good enough and you’ll get a good result, all things being equal. One of the things I have learned as the number of as the number of bakers in my kitchen increased is that not all 1 cup scoops are measured equally.

I tend to scoop with a lighter touch than one of my daughters whose scoops tend to be more compact. When you use the food scale however (this kind is preferable), and measure flours, you get a consistent result in terms of moisture, crumb, and texture no matter who made the recipe.Here is a more detailed bit about why weighing is preferred.

When you bake, weigh your ingredients. If you can.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “When you bake, weigh your ingredients.”

  1. Clearly, this isn’t life changing stuff. But this blog isn’t JUST about life changing stuff, although there will be plenty of that here. It’s about things, big and small, that you learn along the way which make life easier and/or more pleasant.


  2. I don’t work kitchen logistics. I work quality control, as in how to get good results in any kitchen.

    You are a good cook. You can surely live without this but it does ensure -in our kitchen at least- that no matter which girl is using my biscuit recipe the results are consistent.

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