Dress like a lady, and you can wear pockets.

Posts will be short and the subject matter relatively light for the next few weeks.

Our daughter recently ordered this ensemble She has a strong preference for clothing with a vintage feel. When she expressed delight that the skirt has nice, deep pockets, I was reminded of a rather silly controversy raised by feminists against the fashion industry on the subject of pockets.

I mean seriously, there are plenty of nits to pick with the fashion industry, but I don’t think this is one of them.This is one of my favorite spring/summer dresses to wear. It too, has nice deep pockets:


Apparently it’s a *thing* that women are discriminated against when the arbiters of fashion trends decide which sex gets pockets one can actually use. Except it really isn’t.

There are lots of attractive clothes for women which have pockets. They just happen to be much more feminine than your typical pantsuit as modeled by Hillary Clinton in the above video.

We often spends Sunday afternoons stopping at farmer’s markets, outdoor arts festivals, and parks after church. It’s much easier to toss a phone and some cash into your pocket than it is to lug a purse around when you’re walking for an hour or more, so we are partial to fit and flare dresses or skirts with enough flare that they can accommodate usable pockets without taking away from the attractiveness of the outfit. Which brings me to my point:

When you dress like a  lady, you can easily wear usable pockets.

Obligatory disclaimer: This post is not about pants versus skirts,  modesty policing, nor a  prescription for what good Christian woman should wear. Wear what you want. Please. I wear jeans often enough. I just almost never use my pockets when I do, and I figure if you’re gonna complain about pockets you might start by simply wearing the myriad of available fashions for women that have pockets.

H/T: dalrock.


9 thoughts on “Dress like a lady, and you can wear pockets.”

  1. For the record, none of this is meant to downplay the importance of the staple of women’s fashion: the handbag. Purses are invaluable. In them we have our lipstick, chap-stick, wallet, keys, cell phone, mirror, a couple extra bobby pins, hair scrunchy, safety pins, tissue, band-aids, and the recently never leave home without: hand sanitizer.

    But for those times when you want to be able to walk about without a purse on your shoulder at places where skirts or dresses are not an issue (not talking about mountain hikes here), I thought it worth noting that it is quite possible to find clothes with pockets.

    Oh, and that gorgeous outfit our oldest bought? 65% off! I totally would have gotten me some skirts if I wasn’t focused on buying gifts for everyone else. Missed out big time. And Hearth: the skirt is made of some god fabric, too.


  2. I can’t wait for your eldest to wear that. -fans self- She’s going to be drop-dead gorgeous. -bounce/squee-

    I can never be bothered with putting pockets in my skirts, but that’s just because I don’t use pockets in skirts. In my aprons? Yes.

    For the seamstresses out there, it is dead easy to put pockets in a skirt if it has side seams.


  3. The few times I have made a skirt, I put pockets in them.

    Any gal can get by just fine without pockets of course. Although as I said, at the farmer’s market and similar places I prefer to go without the purse and only have to carry what I buy. It’s the first thing that occurred to me when I thought about this topic.

    But the silly idea that pockets in women’s clothing is a sexism/feminist/women’s rights issue is farcical, really. Because there are clothes out there for a woman who cares about pockets, and those clothes need not detract from the beauty of the outfit.

    Just not jeans or most pants.


  4. I am not much of a pocket sub for purse person because I worry my wallet/phone would fall out.

    I do, however, have a very small purse that I carry for those times when I don’t want the weight/bulk of my usual bag, and said purse hangs diagonally.


  5. It is worth noting, as Hearth and I have discussed away from here, that it is becoming increasingly common to see young men wearing skinny jeans and “dress pants” like these, which are also styles which don’t make it particularly easy for the men wearing them to put a typical sized man’s wallet in the pocket.

    In other words, the trajectory of post modern fashion (at the moment) isn’t much more utilitarian for men than it is for women. Of course (thank heavens!) there are still traditional men’s pants and whatnot in abundance for the men who are not enamored with such styles, but I do see a lot of men under 30 wearing the more close fitting pants all the time.


  6. My husband’s favorite thing about the shirts I make him is that every one of them has a pocket big enough to hold his cell phones. (Yes, two – one for work and one personal).

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  7. True. The clothing of today (the cheap stuff that most of us buy because it’s readily available and affordably replaceable), is usually impractical.


  8. The difference a bit of time and effort makes, better materials, … well.

    Which brings us ’round to your original point, that you DO get pockets in a dress.


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