Support your friends.

I am slow to make friends but when I let someone in, I am fiercely loyal. Even if it turns out later that the loyalty was misplaced, there is nothing to be gained from gadding about destroying that person’s character and finding allies to join in an unproductive war of words, gossip or gathering of people to tell you how right you are to be hurt and offended. Talk about unproductive!

Thankfully, with age, life experience, and the counsel of a wise partner, you make fewer and fewer mistakes when it comes to choosing friends. I have been extremely blessed and fortunate in this regard, and the real purpose of this post is to practice what I preach. I am using this admittedly minuscule platform to support one of my dear friends.

My friend Joanna -as in a friend I actually see, know, and visit with- is an amazing woman. She wifes, she mothers six kids, homeschooling five of them. She runs half marathons and can cook up a storm. If those aren’t enough things to be good at, she’s also an excellent seamstress. This holiday season she has decided to use her sewing talent as a means to start an entrepreneurial venture and sell her original design Christmas stockings.


You can find her stocking for sale here, at her etsy shop, JoMamas Calling. She really does do excellent work and if you buy a stocking from her it will be one that will last for years as part of your Christmas collectibles.

The lesson of this post:

True friends are a rare treasure. When you find one, support them in whatever way you can.



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