Obligatory post-election thoughts

A few rambling thoughts. For the sake of discussion, let’s assume that this all on the up and up:

  • We didn’t vote for either one of them, so…
  • Assuming this isn’t all some dark game, it was a “stunning upset”, to quote the MSM.
  • The thought that the electorate, regardless of my thoughts about Trump, rejected Hillary Clinton brings me a fair bit of amusement.
  • Again, I am assuming this all on the up and up, Trump was effectively a third party candidate.
  • It’s gonna get ugly, folks. Why? I’m glad you asked:
  • We sat up watching the coverage and the media is repeatedly and actively blaming non-college educated white men (and to a lesser degree women) for this.
  • If anyone failed Mrs. Clinton, it was the media for giving her the impression that her election was a foregone conclusion.
  • The silent majority basically through a molotov cocktail through the front window of the GOP glass house.
  • Be praying, because it’s going to get ugly. Did I already say that?

My Benevolent Dictator has several friends in the offending demographic, and this morning one of them sent him this image via text:


This is entertaining and all. It is for now at least, until the screaming starts. There is one thing however, we all need to remember:

For those of us living the day to day life of working, raising kids, and making ends meet, election results do little to effect our day to day lives.

Pray for the nation, but remember that what happens in your life isn’t determined by what happens in Washington. Your life is- for the most part- the sum total of the choices you make day in and day out.


9 thoughts on “Obligatory post-election thoughts”

  1. Couple of other things I forgot to list in my haste:

    ~ I think if there is any real significance to this (besides sticking it to the MSM), it’s that the PC speech brigade has been dealt a crippling blow.

    ~ Expect some really vitriolic commentary from Barak and Michelle as soon as they feel it is safe to do so. Expect them to completely forget that were it not for a significant percentage of white voters, they wouldn’t be the couple that will be forever etched in American history and remembered as American icons.

    ~ As usual, me and mine don’t fit neatly into any of this insanity. We’re not part of the 90% block that voted Hillary, nor the 8% of black voters that voted for Trump. The curse (or maybe blessing) of being independent thinkers?


  2. I’m watching the concession speech right now. Or at least, the run up to it. Tim Kaine is giving a pre-speech.

    Kaine is saying it is uniquely difficult for a woman to win national office in the U.S. Then he said she won the popular vote. Of course, no one had a problem with Bill taking the oath of office after losing the popular vote in 1992 (or was it ’96?). Either way, you get my drift.


  3. Something weird is happening. I’m starting to wish I had a “Make America Great Again” hat just to be annoying, like when I annoyed liberals with my Ronald Reagan t-shirt, lol.


    Of course, this is rhetoric, but that would be great. Maybe the Dutch will feel emboldened to elect Geert!

    I really thought the outcome would be the opposite, with Trump winning the popular vote and Clinton winning the presidency, so I’m a little discombobulated.


  4. Breaking news: black men broke 20% for Trump, black women 93% for Clinton.

    Now 20% doesn’t sound like much, but when you know the terrain on the ground, it’s significant.

    This was as much about sex as it was about any other demographic.


  5. Interesting op-ed piece. I agree with Geert about the condescension from the elites. It was painful to watch ABC’s analysts try and hide their disgust and appear impartial as the handwriting on the wall came into focus.


  6. I refuse to call them “elites” anymore. Elite what? The powers that be are oligarchs and the media goons are media goons. #NotMyElites lol


  7. I can’t (but I can) believe how childish they all are. What a bunch of whining, spoilt brats, jeez.

    Supposedly Monika Lewinsky voted for Hillary because Trump is a “bully”. LOL No further comment required. Trump’s ex-wife voted for him; how bad can he be?! Oh yeah, but I guess Monika is just being sensible while Ivana has Stockholm Syndrome.


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