For most women, the specific degree doesn’t matter.

There has been a bit of buzz lately concerning the assertion that black women are the most educated demographic group in America.

I first ran across this information via Captain Capitalism, who looked at the numbers and concluded that while there is at least some truth** to it, it deserved further scrutiny:

This first question I had was “was the statement true?”  Are black women TRULY the most educated group in America?

And it is, more or less.

Based on some statistics by the NCES, black women have the highest enrollment percentage out of all the binary race-sex groups, 9.7%.  This means of all adult aged women in that group, 9.7% of them have either graduated or are currently in college.  This makes them technically the most educated group in America.

It doesn’t really matter because the degrees most black women acquired were in his opinion, useless degrees:

It is of course no surprise to anyone here that the majority of women major in worthless and easy subjects.  Based on my research for “Worthless,” about 2/3rds of worthless degrees are earned by women.  But using some more recent research, it again shows women prefer easier subjects, with less math and rigor, and therefore are in less demand in the labor market.

So already it’s no shocker why “women earn the majority degrees” across all racial groups.

When you consider race, it only magnifies the percentage of worthless degrees.  Using enrollment data from the U of MN as a proxy, blacks (male and female) major in worthless subjects 74% of the time, contrasted to their white peers who “only” major in worthless degrees 57% of the time.  Once again, reiterating the importance of my question “educated in what?”

In reality, most degrees acquired by current college students are worthless, regardless of sex or race.  Black women get worthless degrees at higher rates, but they are by no means alone in that. However, what Captain Capitalism fails to recognize (being all about the Benjamins as he is), is that a college degree in the hands of a woman, regardless of the specifics of the particular degree, is a proxy for marriageability, which makes it far from “worthless”.

This goes triple for black women, something I have been trying to get across for years only to have Christian traditionalists shoot me down as a woman of little faith for not eschewing the typical trajectory and trusting in Providence to provide a husband for my girls without acquisition of a college degree. College educated women in general tend to get married and stay married at higher rates. But that’s not the only value provided by the so-called worthless degree.

Our first born (age 22) graduated with her BA in 2014. Her current  income is 25% higher than the median income of women her age, and she has the savings and investment to prove it. Women  with “worthless” degrees still get hired and receive significantly higher salaries than women without.

Bear in mind that half the people her age make less than the current median. Since black women as a group -despite their very best efforts- tend to marry later than the median age of first marriage by about five years, she will have real assets to bring to her marriage when it happens, and we believe it will. We just *get* that chances are that it will happen later.

Since all but the most ideological feminists would prefer to marry well enough to have the option of raising their children until they reach school age, and women with college degrees are more likely to get a ring on it,  understand that the value of a college degree is varied, relative, and about far more than the raw earning power one can receive based on the specific course of study.

This is especially true for women, who mostly want to have babies and bake cookies despite being told repeatedly that they would be happier doing otherwise.

**The Daily Caller believes otherwise, but they too miss the larger point.


11 thoughts on “For most women, the specific degree doesn’t matter.”

  1. By the way, I know a couple of women (one a 26-year-old black chick with a Masters) making 70-80K in HR, private sector. Is HR worthless? Maybe it is, but let’s top and think about some of the rhetoric we buy into.

    If someone is willing to pay you that kind of money to do a thing, do you really care that a group of Internet keyboard warriors label it a “make work” job? It’s paying the rent, keeping food on the table, gas in the car, etc.? Call it what you want, but the things that “fake” job are providing are real and tangible.

    Yeah, when the SHTF, a lot of these jobs will go bye bye. But there are currently a lot of people making money providing nonessential goods and services. And not all of those people are female, either.


  2. Aaron Clarey can be a bit myopic, if entertaining. I don’t really see what is so great and useful about an economics degree. I bet he listens to shit music!

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  3. LOL @ the music.

    I have given the whole useless degree thing a fair amount of thought and while I totally *get* what they mean by it, the veracity with which they beat that drum reveals a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature of women and the way most women make decisions. So much for “red pill”.

    For most women college degrees still largely function as MRS degrees, but with a spin. Since they don’t usually find the husband on the college campus, it serves as a way to eat until the husband shows up.

    And most men? They prefer a woman who has earned -and learned to save- some money.

    Employers value even so-called worthless degrees when they hire. Few people of either sex works in the field of study on their degree.

    So…yes. His view is myopic. I don’t like the whole ‘everyone-must-obtain-a-college-degree” either. I think it creates unnecessary burden and debt, and screws men royally.

    But it is what it is, and it does us no good to pretend as if our desires change the nature of the current reality.


  4. I have a very stupid degree, and even so – I think it has helped me.

    I was/am still annoyed with myself for taking such a silly major. But c’est la vie.


  5. Well he also has no kids so, take that for what it’s worth. We’re pretty much discouraging 4-year degrees in favor of some vocational training that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and leads to a job. Even so, not all “worth” is based on money. That’s a pretty shallow way to look at life.

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  6. By the time 8 and 10-year-old hit that age, I hope to be following a similar path as you mentioned.

    FL’s extensive dual enrollment program meant for the oldest, the first two years (AA) were acquired virtually free of charge.

    There is an inexpensive way to skin that cat. My beef with it is that not everyone is cut out for college and shouldn’t be herded along that path.

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  7. I will encourage them to get even a stupid 4yr degree as long as the job market is what it is, because a stupid degree > no degree, paper being paper. But I’m not paying bank for that, it’s why we have junior colleges. Our local JC is considering offering some 4yr degrees soon.

    Your girls did the smartest thing possible.

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  8. You are absolutely right. The current job market rewards almost any four year degree. And like I said, since most women are not trying to get rich long term…

    Now as marriage continues to grow increasingly rare and takes longer to achieve, it may be something young women need to reconsider. But women aren’t suddenly going to magically be able to do well at STEM majors just because the experts say we need more women in STEM.


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