Peak Political Absurdity

I will confess that most mornings from 7-8 AM I listen to one of the national news programs. While preparing breakfast I heard the old Aretha Franklin song Natural Woman coming from the set so I turned around to see the accompanying video. It was this ad from -get this- Priorities USA:

I just…don’t even know what to say to this. I got a good hearty laugh out of it though.

I do have one thing to say: Women who expect any other person to make them feel good about being a woman are as bad as men who think it’s a woman’s job to help them feel secure in their manhood.

Either you know who you are or you don’t. And if you don’t, you’re not gonna get there just because some crooked, crony old woman gets elected to the presidency.


15 thoughts on “Peak Political Absurdity”

  1. And does Hillary make then feel like a “natural woman”? What. the. heck?

    The lyrics to that song are purely romantic and sexually driven. I have NO idea what the person who made that ad was thinking The only thing that might have made it funnier was if it ended with, “I’m Hillary Clinton, and I approve this message”, LOL.

    Alas, you can’t have everything.

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  2. There’s something out now regarding the Wiener emails and a pedophile ring and that Hillary “likes” underage girls. I don’t know about feeling like a natural woman, but she makes me feel ill. I’ve found Trump fairly repulsive, but Hillary takes the cake.

    My 13YO said she talked to some other girl at a recent social gathering who said she supported Hillary. My daughter said, “Hillary has people killed.” The other girl said, “Donald Trump gropes women.” ::facepalm::

    Well, it’s probably a given that Hillary gropes women too and that is just too disgusting to contemplate! Ewwwww! What a nasty woman. How is it that women can be so gullible?! That’s what gets me.


  3. I want to know what beverage came out your nose. or I want sympathy for having been asked to vote my conscience on this vital matter. or both? Should I shoot for both?


  4. Well I wasn’t drinking anything at the time. Sorry to disappoint, lol. I’d have no idea how to vote on that one! Uh, I don’t care?

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  5. I’m just gonna stick this right here for right now. I was tempted to feature it as a post but it is really just an extension of the thoughts inspired by this post and his indignation sparks some rough language so…


    I’m not a pearl clutcher myself, but I try to be sensitive to the gentility of women with more propriety than me, LOL. But I agree with most of what Garvey’s ghost says in that post


  6. For real. I’d vote for a woman in a heartbeat, I just don’t want to vote for Hillary.

    Similarly, I get mad when people say that the resistance to Obama is mostly racism.


  7. My take is that there is an inherent logic faill in believing a woman -leaving aside extraordinary exceptions- would make a good president. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t ever vote for one under such circumstances, but intuitively, I am against it as a practical matter.

    If a woman isn’t supposed to lead a home of 4 people whose best interest she presumable holds close to her heart, and isn’t to lead a church where she presumably feels an eternal connection and concern for their souls, to jump from there and decide she can lead a country of 300 million causes me to have a cognitive dissonance fit, LOL.

    But I have voted for female commissioners and what not so perhaps I do suffer from a sort of cognitive dissonance.


  8. Isn’t supposed to? Or can’t? Would you vote for Condi Rice or Bill Clinton? Here is a place where I don’t hold those who don’t have our convictions TO our convictions.

    Now, if you had the connections/cash/etc to run for pres and asked my opinion, I would tell you that you should not – for the reasons you’ve given. But if you decided to run? I’d vote for you. Does that make sense?


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