Trump Tic

Last night we  watched the debate for the hotly contested Senate seat currently held by Senator Marco Rubio, who is fighting to hang on to it after an unsuccessful bid for the GOP presidential nomination.

One moment which invoked a quite positive reaction (mostly from our young adult daughters whom we didn’t even realize were watching so intently from the kitchen) was on jobs and the economy. My feelings about Marco Rubio are mixed overall, but he hit a largely ignored home run on one point. Ignored seemingly everywhere but in our house, at least. He made the point that there needs to be another path to economic security besides the heavily promoted four-year college degree. He even offered specifically male dominated emplyment fields such as “pipe fitters”, “electricians”, and “plumbers”.

There was one other impression which loomed large throughout the debate. I tried to do a quick Google search to see if anyone bothered to count the exact number of times Democrat challenger Congressman Patrick Murphy uttered the named “Donald Trump” in direct response to a question which had nothing to do with the GOP presidential nominee. I couldn’t find a number, so you’ll have to take my word for it that he said it a lot. He did it so often that it became a running joke here as the debate went on.

It was very clear that rather than stand on his non existent record, the challenger figured the most effective strategy he could employ was to work as hard as possible to tie Rubio to Trump in the minds of the largely uninformed and poorly educated Florida electorate.



4 thoughts on “Trump Tic”

  1. I am starting (very reluctantly) to believe that a Trump win is the only win for free speech. The amount of thought-control from the Left has always been high, but they’re not even bothering to hide it anymore.


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