The “Must-Have-Others-Think-Well-of-Me” Cure.

This is one of those thoughts I had to stop and ponder for a while; to let it sink in. As it did, it occurred to me how the distractions of this life, and our tendency to self-aggrandize keeps us away from this truth:

“Whatever is the worst thing you think about me, I know something worse about me. Whatever the worse thing is that you could say about me is almost surely not the worst thing about me. I could no doubt do you one better.”

I wish I could take credit for this simple yet profound statement, but I can’t. It’s a rough paraphrase of something I heard Voddie Baucham say as I was listening to this message of his today while folding the laundry.

It’s true: Whatever the worst thing is that any person could say about me, it’s most certainly not the worst thing about me. That’s scary, but it’s true, y’know? There are no bodies buried in my back yard, but still.

I cannot allow myself to harbor delusions about my need for redemption or grace. The only thing worrying about others’ opinion of me serves to do is set up and perpetuate a self-deception in my own mind about me.

That was right on time. I’ll never forget it, and pray that God will continually bring it to my remembrance. It was one of those things that we run across that we should pass on, but don’t.


6 thoughts on “The “Must-Have-Others-Think-Well-of-Me” Cure.”

  1. I’m being encouraged to be progressively more transparent, which leaves less room for impressing others. Also got told that I was trying to impress others in an urge to control things, which isn’t my business.

    I don’t know how to get more transparent though. D’you have any windex? 😀

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