The Quest for Discipline

The older one grows, the more one of two things happens.

The first: the reality of your mortality produces a sense of urgency in areas that were previously haphazardly handled. Health is one that comes to mind most readily as many of us become health nuts as we approach 40 years of age. We begin to evolve into more “spiritual” people, more understanding, generous, etc. A newfound quest for discipline emerges from within, because we have no more time to waste.

If not the first thing, a second kicks is and it’s a resolution not to do things we don’t truly want to do, deal with people we don’t truly want to deal with, or say things for the sake of being pleasant and /or agreeable. To do any of those things is to be inauthentic, and we’re not going to do that because after all, we have no more time to waste.

Leaving aside for a moment the fact that we never have time to waste (how many life difficulties are we dealing with at 40 because we made a bad decision at 20?), I wonder what it is about us as human beings that pushes us to one side of the line or the other. There is a “happy medium” if you will, but like so many areas of life, finding and striking the perfect balance is hard for most of us.

Truth be told, even after more than two decades as a Christian, wife, and mother I still struggle to find the sweet spot. So I take comfort in the fact that at least I haven’t given up the fight.




1 thought on “The Quest for Discipline”

  1. If wishes were fishes, I could invest myself in all the things I’m investing in, only much much more. The wisdom of the ages means that I know that it’s okay to say, “no” sometimes, even if people make sadface at me.

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