I can hardly wait to check the mail on November 9th.

I know that with the end of this election we are entering a brave new world, for better or worse. Who am I kidding? It’s probably for worse either way. But there is  a silver lining, an insignificant bit of life that will make the day slightly brighter despite whatever grief I feel for our rapidly vanishing republic:



I hate this stuff so much, and the closer we get to Election Day, the more crowded our mailbox gets. Those minor candidates in small races with little money whom you never even heard of start spending their bit of change over these last two weeks as well. Mailers are cheaper than television commercials, after all.

To find your real mail,  you have to sift between all the campaign cards warning you of how bad your life will be if the other guy wins. Yeah, right.

On November 9th, mail will be mail again: bills, money sellers, bills, local merchant adverts, bills, and minutiae from our friendly neighborhood HOA.

The way mail was meant to be.


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