Yoga Pants Protest: More Insanity

This is the flip side of what you get when our God-given gift of the ability to be thinking, self-aware entities is granted to a people with so much time and wealth on their hands that all they have left is narcissism.Via HotAir:

In case you missed it, a man in Rhode Island named Alan Sorrentino recently penned a letter to the editor of his local paper on the pressing subject of women wearing yoga pants. Alan sent in his largely tongue in cheek missive to The Barrington Times (a newspaper with a circulation of 5,000), complaining that the workout apparel was tacky and ridiculous, best suited for the confines of a yoga studio, and not something to be worn by women over the age of twenty.

The result? Death threats, vulgar voice mail and a wave of outrage on local social media accounts which resulted in hundreds of women showing up in front of his house to protest.

The guy was just kidding around and wrote the letter tongue in cheek. Now he’s a symbol of female oppression. But here’s the kicker:

And to top it off, Alan is gay and owns yoga pants himself.


4 thoughts on “Yoga Pants Protest: More Insanity”

  1. ::facepalm:: People don’t understand even obvious satire anymore. And even if it was serious, death threats over yoga pants? Dear oh dear…

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  2. Just when I think I am beyond being floored by the level of vapid narcissism in our country, hundreds of women decide to protest outside of a man’s house in a small Rhode Island town over their “right” to wear yoga pants.

    Dear oh dear indeed…


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