Why Wonder Woman Is the Perfect Choice


The UN sparked quite a “controversy” when it chose the DC Comics character Wonder Woman as a UN Ambassador on behalf of gender equality. Those on the front lines of this imaginary war have responded with the appropriate and expected faux outrage so common in post modern America:

The character’s ambassadorship has sparked an online petition backed by hundreds of U.N. staff members, who urge Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to reconsider the appointment of what they see as an underdressed, anti-feminist figure. (This comes after multiple women were put forward for the secretary general position, and all were rejected.) And the site WomanSG.org has urged appointing an actual woman to the honorary ambassadorship, faulting the United Nations’ decision to name “a muscled version of a Barbie doll as the symbol to globally represent gender equality and empowerment of women and girls.”

I think Wonder Woman is the perfect choice. A fantastical, imaginary figure to represent women in a fantastical, imaginary war for sex equality that was “won” decades ago.



1 thought on “Why Wonder Woman Is the Perfect Choice”

  1. ‘Kay. Once I posted this it occurred to me that 1) it IS the United Nations which is a world organization and 2) there areas of the world where women and girls are still experiencing a fair amount of oppression. I was temporarily hamstrung by my narrow Western mindset. But there is still a bone to pick with this and it’s this:

    The women screeching the loudest are the ones least oppressed. The women who most need “empowerment” (I really don’t like that as an end game frankly) are the ones least likely to ever even HEAR about Wonder Woman as a symbolic gesture for the advancement of their “empowerment”.


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