The Death of Elections as Educational Tools

Conversation I had with our 10-year-old this afternoon:

Child: “Mom, can I stay up and watch the last debate tonight?”

Me: “Are you really interested in that? Or are you just trying to stay up late?”

Child: “It would be educational for me to see a debate.”

Me: “Let me talk to your father about it.”

Now, American politics have been down and dirty since the days of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. I am not naive about such things. However, the thought of my kid hearing Clinton and Trump go back and forth about Trump’s hand up the skirts of random women or Bill Clinton’s alleged rapes?  I don’t even want to listen to it.

Maybe I should have just told her “no” and been done with it.



1 thought on “The Death of Elections as Educational Tools”

  1. I know what you mean. My oldest two are 16 and 14 and are interested in the election even if they don’t fully grasp some of the issues. Maybe the answer is for the adults to watch tonight without the kids and perhaps find an online version tomorrow in which we can have them watch some parts with them and skip over anything they aren’t ready for yet.

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